Keeping your data accurate

When it comes to data, it's quality not quantity that counts. Having thousands of candidates with out of date CVs and incorrect contact details will hinder rather than help your search for the perfect placement. With Eploy you can encourage candidates to keep their details up to date - as well as allow you to update all information. Of course the entire candidate database is there for you to work with, ensuring your team has the most accurate information at hand, at all times.
Find candidates you haven't spoken to for a while

Find candidates you haven't spoken to for a while

Use the query builder tool to flag candidates with no recent activity and mail merge a gentle reminder to send an updated CV if they’re still job hunting or log in to the candidate website to check their profile is up to date.

Keep a clean database

When adding a new record, Eploy will flag if there are potential duplicates within the system and stop recruiters adding unnecessary additional records. If duplicate records do appear they can be merged to ensure your team are working with all of the available and most up to date candidate information.
Keep a clean database
Candidate self-service

Candidate self-service

With an Eploy candidate portal powering your online recruitment campaigns you can instantly communicate and collaborate with your candidates. As every candidate gets their own dashboard it's an instantly peronalised experience too. One where candidates can view their applications, update their contact details, upload new CVs and much, much more.

Understand the structure of your clients

Eploy lets you chart the entire structure of client organisations and instantly see the relationships. So, if you've penetrated one subsidiary of a group company, you can see its relationship within the overall structure - helping you spot new opportunities to expand your reach.

You can also chart each company's internal structure, letting you drill in from parent company level right down to individual contacts within an associated company and whether any contacts are also in your candidate pool.
Understand the structure of your clients

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The team were up and running really quickly and more importantly, WANTING to use the system! I’m really looking forward to working with Eploy long into the future.

Elliot Clements, Co-founder and Director

Venture Recruitment

We believe recruitment is about relationships

That's why we've engineered Eploy Recruitment Software to ensure you have the tools to meet your recruiting objectives. So you can attract and engage with the best candidates and forge long-term partnerships with your clients.

Top features for keeping accurate database records

  • Query builder
  • Mail merge
  • SMS
  • Candidate website
  • Duplicate checking

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Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your vacancies while simultaneously developing new business opportunities is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class recruitment software makes it much, much easier.

We’ve been helping ambitious recruitment agencies move to the cloud and recruit faster and smarter since 1998. Eploy is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey.