Improve staff performance

Improving business performance inevitably means improving staff performance but as a starting point you need to understand what ‘good performance’ looks like. When you’ve identified where you want to see improvements ensure staff have the tools in place to step up to the plate and watch as their figures and your business bloom.
Improve staff performance

Understanding current performance

Do you know which team member is finding the most new clients? Who’s your strongest proactive recruiter making the most phone calls and adding the most candidates? Which star performer is filling the most vacancies and earning you the most money?
Understanding current performance
Providing the tools to make staff more effective

Providing the tools to make staff more effective

Could your staff be working better? And if so have they got the tools to up their game and meet your expectations? Or are they limited by the resources at their disposal?

Working on the go

When your recruiters are away from the office is their work on hold? If unforeseen circumstances mean they need to work from home, can they? Can dedicated team members working out of hours access the information they need to answer candidate or client queries?
Working on the go

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