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Eploy Culture

"It's not like any company I have worked with before, it's a corporate company without the corporate atmosphere. I feel that we are all friends and we really look out for one another."

Eploy has evolved naturally both as a product - based on customer feedback and as a company - based on colleague feedback. Chris & Paul have been friends since nursery, through university and now through the development of the most innovative cloud recruitment software. Our values are encoded in our DNA: quality, collaboration, innovation, credibility, authenticity, fairness & fun.

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Team Eploy

"We are open to change and being honestly critical of ourselves. We continually challenge ourselves to be better. I can also be myself and don't have to be a 'work version' of myself. I'm accepted for who I am."

At Eploy we design, develop, market, implement and ensure our customers success through innovative recruitment software. We've built great teams to deliver the perfect recruitment journey for our awesome customers and their candidates. And we're always looking for fantastic new talent to join our teams.

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Eploy Offices

"The working atmosphere is far different, less formal and more casual. The office is geared to making employees feel at home which is comfortable but also great for productivity."

We've created a working environment that is comforatable, vibrant and fun, with plenty spaces for collaborative working and those times when you need a bit of quiet. We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy coming in to work each day.

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"It's hard work, but massively rewarding. You'll feel challenged every day and no two days are the same. There's huge variety to what we do and it's great to have such a fantastic team behind you to support you and lean on when needed."

If you're looking to work in an award-winning software development team, we want to hear from you.

Or maybe you enjoy working with a wide variety of businesses helping them to revolutionise their recruitment with Eploy, were looking for top customer success, implementation and sales people too.

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Technology at Eploy

"It's great that if you need new tech to get your job done the company will get it for you, need more screens?... no problem. Need a faster machine? you go. Everything here really is faster & smarter!"

We make sure everyone has the tools they need to get their job done, developers don't struggle with out of date kit, our marketing team have more screens than a city trading desk and if you need something new the answer is more than likely yes.

Plus, we use the latest tools for agile software development, source control, UX design, customer support and project management. Think we need to implement something new? Make a case for it and you'll be listened to.


"We work hard, but play hard. We can be super busy, but also find time for awesome social events and parties."

Social@Eploy does not mean a dull annual Christmas Party (we have one that is the stuff of legends). But we have lots of get-togethers throughout the year too, we celebrate each major release with trips and nights out (we'll make sure you get home safely too!)

We have team building events and company-wide well as the frequenting our local hostelries to avail of their wares.

We also get invited to lots of awards nights, and we've won quite a few too!

Perks 'n' Stuff

"Flexible working environment.  Loads of perks, working from home, sweet treats, nights out!  Lovely co-workers :)"

We believe happy, healthy individuals are more productive. Some of the ways we support our employees include:

  • Continued professional development. We support our employees who want to continue their learning journey both financially and with time to study.
  • Flexible working locations and hours. We believe that employees thrive when they have the right work/life balance.

  • Plus, a surprising amount of work can be achieved in one’s pyjamas.

  • Social events. We like spending time with the people we work with. We hear that’s actually quite rare…

  • Cakes. Because… Cake. Meetings are more productive with cake…probably. We are always happy to test this maxim.


Life @ Eploy

We're on a mission to revolutionise recruitment, and we're looking for talented people who want to innovate, think big and join us on our journey.

Sounds like you? Then get in touch. We'll give you more than a job; we'll give you somewhere you'll enjoy being part of the team, fun & friendly working environment, all the tools and training you need and ensure your success.

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