Improving service to candidates

Happy clients need great candidates and great candidates want first-rate service - they are potentially making a life-changing decision and they need to know you have their best interests at heart. Candidate's are turned-off by complicated, long-winded application processes. They want to be kept in the loop about their progress. Consider good service to candidates a marketing tool with happy placements championing your service to clients and other job-seekers. And if you want to forge long term relationships with your contractors you'll need to be able to deliver stellar service to them time after time.
Secure candidate web-portals

Secure candidate web-portals

A recruitment website isn’t just a channel for promoting job vacancies but a way of enhancing the application process for both candidate and recruiter. You can let new candidates register for their own dashboard - directly from your recruitment website. From their dashboard candidates can register for job alerts, easily submit applications and even select interview time slots. 

And it's not just for applicants. Placed candidates can provide availability, complete timesheets or submit health and safety documents. For a five-star experience they can do so from any browser, on any device from any location. Portals are completely optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Interview slot picker

Toing and froing over email, text, phone calls, carrier pigeon etc. to secure an interview time and date is now a nuisance of the past. The interview selection tool allows interviewees to log in to your candidate website and select a suitable time and date from a pre-defined list and with all parties involved automatically notified of their selection you can keep your pigeons on land.
Interview slot picker
Workflow and automated communications

Workflow and automated communications

Eploy's flexible workflow engine ensures applicants move through the recruitment journey smoothly. While each stage in the process can trigger automatic alerts, sometime's you'll want to retain the personal touch to ensure that your candidates don't feel like they are dealing with a machine. Automate your SMS interview reminders, set up 'keep warm' auto-responders, but ensure your consultants are set tasks and to-do's for vital candidate interaction.

Reverse market search

Great candidate - but not for the job you’re working on? Fret not, reverse market search combs your database finding other vacancies that match the candidate’s skills or even companies and contacts that may be interested in your superstar candidate.
Reverse market search

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Drag-and-drop sales pipelines


Candidates can access their individual accounts where they store a complete history of applications, timesheets, scheduled interviews and the like, and gain valuable guidance and information from the Resource Centre. 

Sarah Ellwood, Managing Director


We believe recruitment is about relationships

That's why we've engineered Eploy Recruitment Software to ensure you have the tools to meet your recruiting objectives. So you can attract and engage with the best candidates and forge long-term partnerships with your clients.

Top features for improving service to candidates

  • Automated communications
  • Workflow
  • Mail merge
  • SMS
  • Candidate website
  • Reverse market search
  • Online timesheets
  • Interview slot picker
  • Mobile responsive

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Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your vacancies while simultaneously developing new business opportunities is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class recruitment software makes it much, much easier.

We’ve been helping ambitious recruitment agencies move to the cloud and recruit faster and smarter since 1998. Eploy is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey.