Part one: What does your careers site say about you?

In this two-part blog, we share how companies are structuring content to become peak-performing careers sites and the types of features that make a good careers site. Keep reading to see if any of the highlighted examples of best practice can be spotted on your own careers site.


Latest statistics on vacancies and jobs in the UK: April 2024

The Office for National Statistics has released its April bulletin regarding the estimated vacancies and jobs in the UK between January to March 2024. Read the full blog to learn more. 


Recruitment in the Education Sector, some tips and data to help

In this blog we review the most common recruitment challenges in the education sector including the main candidate sourcing pain points, as well as an example of successful ATS implementation by TSAT. 


RAC Recruitment Never Stands Still

This blog provides an overview of the RAC Recruitment Team's successes with its enhanced recruitment and candidate attraction approach.


Recruiters: 5 ways to cut hours of admin with an Applicant Tracking System

An ATS will make a recruiter’s life easier and add value to the talent acquisition strategy. This blog shares five tips to supercharge your recruitment efficiency and free up time for the valuable activities that lead to being more effective in talent acquisition.


The Latest Changes in The Job Market and What These Mean for Recruitment Teams

There have been many changes to the job market in recent years. Here are the latest changes in the job market and what these mean for recruitment teams.


Creating a Successful Employer Brand -From Basics To Boom

A recent webinar we held brought together Bruce Groves, CCO at Eploy, Vicki Saunders, Founder of The EVP Consultancy and Noel Thomas, Creative Director at CA3 to discuss the importance of building a successful employer brand.


How to Advertise Roles for Maximum Engagement

Engagement and Visibility is key when it comes to advertising job posts. Here are our top tips on how best to advertise your job roles.


What Are The 5 Most Useful Social Media Recruitment Practices For Recruiters?

Social Media is often used to attract top talent and build brand awareness. Here are the 5 Most Useful Social Media Recruitment Practices in Recruitment.


Employee Referrals and Other Top Sourcing Channels

There are various sourcing channels that offer value in the recruitment process. Read our take on the top sourcing channels.


The Importance of Recruitment Data 

Recruitment data is a powerful tool when used properly. We’ll discuss the importance of recruitment data and share a few measures to get you started.


Top 10 Features of ATS Recruitment Software

An ATS platform is an excellent tool for recruiters and hiring managers with features designed to help refine hiring processes and improve how you recruit the best talent. Here are the top 10 features of an ATS.

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