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Healthcare & Social Care Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment in the Social Care, NHS and wider Healthcare sector can be extremely challenging. As a sector acutely affected by candidate scarcity and with levels of hiring expected to increase by 67% this year, finding sufficient, suitably qualified people for your vacancies can be a struggle. 

Eploy's healthcare ATS  and Talent CRM is designed for companies to take control of their hiring processes, working with hiring managers to collectively make great hires.

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Leading care providers rely on Eploy

Leading care providers rely on Eploy

At Eploy, we work with many of the UK’s leading care providers. And because we know each business is different, our features and processes are designed to enable an agile approach that you can flex and evolve to your needs.

So whether you need name-blind applications, additional workflows, or support multiple brands or business functions, you’ll find Eploy to be the most adaptable talent acquisition technology that consistently delivers the results you demand.

Accelerating Recruitment Cycles in Healthcare

Reducing Time-to-Hire for Critical Healthcare Roles

  • Advanced Search & Filtering ► Streamline candidate shortlisting
  • Automated Email & SMS Marketing ► Increase candidate engagement rates
  • Job Posting and Distribution ► Expand reach, reduce vacancy duration
  • Drag-and-Drop Pipelines ► Enhance candidate progression visibility
  • Unlimited Configurable Hiring Workflows ►Customise to accelerate hiring cycles

Eploy significantly reduces time-to-hire in healthcare, enabling quick staffing of essential roles. By automating and streamlining key processes, it improves candidate throughput and reduces vacancy rates, ensuring critical healthcare positions are filled promptly.

Accelerating Recruitment Cycles in Healthcare
Overcoming Talent Scarcity in Health & Social Care

Overcoming Talent Scarcity in Health & Social Care

Expand Your Candidate Reach

  • Job Advertising & Distribution ► Widely disseminate job postings for maximum visibility
  • Intelligent Candidate Matching ► Accurately match candidates to job requirements
  • Targeted Job Marketing ► Reach specific candidate demographics with focused campaigns
  • Strategic Sourcing Tools ► Utilize advanced tools to source scarce skilled talent

Eploy transforms your talent acquisition strategy, connecting you with the scarce skilled and experienced candidates essential for healthcare and social care. Expand your reach and find the perfect match for every role.

Optimising Onboarding Efficiency in the Care sector

Decreasing Time-to-Productivity for Social Care Staff

  • Customisable Onboarding Processes ► Tailor onboarding for faster role assimilation
  • Electronic Signatures ► Speed up document processing
  • Self-service Candidate Portal ► Empower candidates, reduce admin time
  • Compliance Document Management ► Streamline legal compliance processes
  • Secure Data Collection ► Protect sensitive employee information

Eploy optimises onboarding in social care, significantly reducing the time-to-productivity for new hires. By streamlining administrative processes and ensuring compliance, it enhances staff readiness and operational efficiency from day one.

Optimising Onboarding Efficiency in the Care sector
Efficient and Effective Hiring

Efficient and Effective Hiring

Accelerate Your Hiring Process

  • Streamlined Recruitment Workflow ► Optimize every stage of the recruitment cycle
  • Rapid Candidate Screening ► Quickly identify top candidates from large applicant pools
  • Automated Task Scheduling ► Efficiently manage recruitment tasks and deadlines
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools ► Enhance team coordination and decision-making
  • Insightful Analytics ► Gain valuable insights to refine recruiting strategies

Eploy's ATS is the key to efficient and effective recruitment in healthcare and social care. Streamline your hiring process, reduce time-to-hire, and provide a positive experience for every candidate.

Tap into the Power of your Employee's Networks

Recruit faster and smarter with Employee Referrals

  • Gamified Employee Referrals
  • Manage your referral bonuses
  • Share vacancies via email, social, WhatsApp and more
  • Points system to encourage engagement
  • Create a Rewards Store

Encourage Employee's to share your vacancies with their friends and network and reward them for programme participation.

Tap into the Power of your Employee's Networks
What channels do social & health care recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

What channels do social & health care recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

Social & Health Care recruitment relies on four main channels for finding candidates for their open positions - Website (97%), Job Aggregators (74%), Professional Social Networks (71%) and Events (71%).

Less than half (45%) of in-house recruitment teams within Social & Health Care are using their hiring systems such as ATS to address the sector sourcing challenges, which if utilised effectively could help to build and uncover much needed talent pools

Source: 2023 UK Candidate Attraction Survey

Which sourcing channels work best in social & health care?

When we look at how Social & Health Care recruitment managers are succeeding with talent attraction the Sourcing Quadrant paints a clear picture with a number of channels that can be relied upon for finding quality candidates.

Talent acquisition teams are turning to careers sites as the number one channel to deliver the desired quantity and quality of candidates. Employee Referrals are the best source for quality, closely followed by Professional Social Networks, Specialist Job Boards and ATS/CRM Tools. 

Source: 2023 UK Candidate Attraction Report


Which sourcing channels work best in social & health care?
How will levels of hiring in the social & health care sector change in next 12 months?

How will levels of hiring in the social & health care sector change in next 12 months?

This sector expects a 67% increase in hiring over the next 12 months which is a a sizeable increase. When you compare this to the expected change to recruitment marketing budgets there is some disparity. Budgets are expected to increase by 44%, no change 38% and decrease by 18%. Essentially, having to do more with less.

With this in mind, it's important that you have simple to use, streamlined tools that you can access anywhere - tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. With Eploy - you'll also get award winning dashboards and analytics built in for everything you need to plan, measure, monitor and improve your recruiting. 

Social & Health Care sector hiring challenges

Issues such as continued candidate scarcity, lack of recruitment marketing budget, reducing time to hire and location are in the top four sector challenges.

Those recruiters who have an active metrics and analytics programme consistently report greater quality of the candidates they attract. Being able to capture and report on time to hire, diversity & inclusion and sourcing channel success will help to make improvements where they are needed most. 

Eploy's healthcare & social care ATS & e-recruitment platform has complete recruitment analytics built in. You can create dashboards that measure and monitor, in real-time, every aspect of your hiring process.
Social & Health Care sector hiring challenges
Award-Winning Online Candidate Experience

Award-Winning Online Candidate Experience

Because Eploy is not just a recruitment management system, you can manage your end-to-end E-recruitment process from requisition to onboarding, accelerate your time to hire, whether you are recruiting permanent, contingent or in volume - and improve your online candidate experience with a fully integrated careers site. 

Your candidate journey can be seamlessly integrated with other recruitment technology too. For example, if you are looking to multi-post jobs through providers such as care & health jobs or job boards - you can do that directly within your Eploy recruitment system.

Discover faster, smarter recruitment management software.

You might also want to check out how we've helped many organisations provide a premium experience for their online applicants with Eploy's Award Winning Candidate Portal (OnRec 2022 Award - Best Candidate Experience).

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