With the Eploy API, you can connect the tools you use every day to our talent acquisition platform and deliver amazing experiences for everyone involved in the recruitment journey. Eploy's API also enables customers and partners to build custom apps and enhancements to Eploys Talent Acquisition platform.



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API Endpoints

Eploy's API is available as a series of components, each designed to help you to create integrations with the Eploy recruitment platform, including:
  • Applications API - Everything you need to work with Applications including workflows, questions and answers, assessments, feedback and source of application.

  • Candidates API - Integrate with your candidate profile data to create candidate-centric solutions

  • Vacancies API - Access vacancies, job descriptions, locations and addresses

  • Placements API - includes placed candidates, costs, salaries, locations and can be used to create integrations with HR, Payroll and other back-office systems, for example updating leavers.

  • Contacts API - Work with Contact records, including contact details, locations and addresses

  • Timesheets API - Exposes timesheets and expenses data for integrations that require access to rates, charges etc.

  • Pay Rates API - View and update your pay rates and scales

  • Companies API - Keep internal company, department and structure up to date.

  • Files API - Work with files, such as CVs including Metadata and file downloads, also includes integrating with Eploy's document and e-signatures.

  • Actions API - Exposes actions, outcomes and statuses from your recruitment workflows.

  • Users API - Work with users and permissions to update system user records and create solutions requiring access control.

  • Eploy API Example Use Cases

    You can develop solutions using multiple API endpoints to create comprehensive apps and integrations, for example:

  1. Keep internal company, department, contact and user data up to date within Eploy. Removing the manual task of having to add/remove users and move contacts between departments as and when they change jobs or leave the organisation.

  2. Populate your HR and Payroll systems with new starter data captured within Eploy – Removing the need to manually re-key new starter data in your back office systems.

  3. Enhance your onboarding and induction processes, using new starter data captured in Eploy to help you prepare for their start – for example, ordering uniforms, IT equipment and setting up access control credentials.
  4. Post details of leavers back into Eploy, for example, to trigger a new job requisition for backfilling vacated positions.


Access to the Eploy API requires API keys and uses OAuth2 for authentication. Customers can generate API keys within their Eploy System. Each API Key is tied to a specific user record to ensure that keys only inherit and allow access to the data that the tied user record has been granted permissions.

Rate Limiting

As standard, the Eploy REST API has a Rate Limit of:

  •  10 requests per second.
  •  864000 requests per day.

Supported formats

Eploy API requests and responses use JSON by default.