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Public Sector Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment in the Public Sector demands that hiring processes are based on merit, fairness and openness.

Eploy's Public Sector ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and Recruitment Software is designed to meet the challenge of recruiting in central and local government, health and emergency services..

Available on G-Cloud

Available on G-Cloud

Eploy is available via G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace.

G-Cloud is an excellent way for public sector organisations to adopt cloud technologies, including Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment CRM. So, we are delighted that Eploys SaaS ATS & CRM for recruiters can now be purchased on the Digital Marketplace.

Name blind recruitment

With Eploy you can choose which, if any, identifying candidate information to display to hiring managers. This can help you rule out any discrimination based on names, ethnicity or gender in order to reduce the risk of prejudice in the recruiting process. At Eploy we’re proud to be able to offer these features and help to create a fairer, smoother recruiting process for both candidates and clients.

Name blind recruitment
Shared-service recruitment

Shared-service recruitment

Eploy is ideally suited to support organisations who are moving to or already have a shared services model for talent acquisition. Your Shared Services team members will be able to act as a support function to recruiting managers helping support and manage your recruitment process. They can also act as a governing body to help make sure that appropriate working practices and guidelines have been met. 

And with Eploy Dashboards you can monitor, measure & report on every aspect of your hiring.

Supporting your recruitment principles

Eploy helps you to recruit on merit based on the basis of fairness and open competition. This can include creating Eploy Discover forms that can be used at the right stage of the process to help score and rank candidates based on your required criteria.

With Eploy you can implement nameblind online recruitment where required. This can help you reduce the risk of bias, whether conscious or unconscious, in your process.

Open up your recruitment marketing with Eploy, you can instantly advertise your jobs online through Eploy powered careers pages and sites and external (or internal) job boards.

Supporting your recruitment principles
Award-winning Candidate Experience

Award-winning Candidate Experience

The competition for talent is fierce, and no more so than within the public sector where budgets are tight.

Even so, it's vital that you provide an excellent experience for your online applicants, and with Eploy's Award Winning Candidate Portal (OnRec 2022 Award - Best Candidate Experience) you'll be off to a flying start.

Because Eploy is not just a recruitment management system, your candidate journey can be seamlessly integrated into your website, or dedicated careers site. Download the Eploy brochure and discover faster, smarter recruitment management software.

...and award-winning ATS projects

As well as winning awards for our software, we've helped our customers deliver award-winning recruitment solutions too.

In 2022, several customers were shortlisted and crowned category winners in the OnRec awards for Best Online Candidate Experience, Best Use Online Recruitment, Best Use Mobile

NHS Digital won best Tech Hiring Strategy and Wren Kitchens took Bronze in the IHR Awards 2021.

...and award-winning ATS projects

Public Sector Recruitment Software
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Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your roles is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class applicant tracking system and recruitment software makes it much, much easier. 

Eploy applicant tracking system & recruitment software is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey. We automate and simplify processes to attract, engage and employ candidates quickly. With a high degree of measurability, you can track costs and identify performance gaps accurately.

Our software is reinforced with market-leading mentoring and cross-sector expertise so you get training and support to achieve a powerful commercial advantage.