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Engineering Applicant Tracking System

The UK Engineering sector continues to experience a shortfall in new entrants to the workplace and is acutely affected by candidate scarcity. Recruitment in the sector is likely to remain extremely challenging - especially when coupled with a lack of brand awareness. So when competing for talent it pays to be a step ahead. 

Eploy's engineering applicant tracking system (ATS) and Talent CRM is designed to help the Engineering sector (including Industrial & Manufacturing) take control of their hiring processes.

Eploy - G2 Leader ATS Eploy Best ATS Customer Support Worldwide - G2 Eploy ATS GT EMEA High Performer Eploy ATS G" Europe High PerformerEploy G2 UK High Performer ATS

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Leading Engineering Firms Hire Better with Eploy

Leading Engineering Firms Hire Better with Eploy

Eploy - G2 Leader ATS Eploy Best ATS Customer Support Worldwide - G2 Eploy ATS GT EMEA High Performer Eploy ATS G" Europe High PerformerEploy G2 UK High Performer ATS

Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency in Engineering Recruitment

Maintaining High Compliance and Operational Standards

  • Right-to-Work Checking Integration ► Simplify legal employment checks
  • Multi-Level GDPR Consent Management ► Enhance candidate data protection
  • Audit Trail ► Offer clear accountability in hiring
  • Data Retention Policies ► Manage candidate data securely and responsibly
  • Compliance Document Management ► Organise key legal documents systematically

Eploy ensures that recruitment in the Engineering sector meets all compliance and efficiency standards, reducing risks and fostering a secure hiring environment.

Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency in Engineering Recruitment
Boosting Candidate Attraction

Boosting Candidate Attraction

Ensuring a Steady Flow of Skilled Talent

  • Recruitment CRM ► Develop enduring relationships with potential candidates
  • Talent Pools & Skills Library ► Access a reservoir of ready-to-hire talent
  • Intelligent Job Alerts ► Keep candidates engaged with relevant opportunities
  • Email & SMS Marketing ► Actively communicate, reducing time-to-hire
  • Feedback Surveys ► Adapt and improve recruitment strategies

Eploy aids in creating sustainable talent pools for the Industrial sector, ensuring a consistent supply of qualified professionals, reducing hiring gaps.

Optimising Onboarding for Engineering Professionals

Streamlining Onboarding, Enhancing New Hire Productivity

  • Customisable Onboarding Processes ► Tailor onboarding for diverse engineering roles
  • Electronic Signatures ► Accelerate documentation processing, shortening onboarding time
  • Compliance Document Management ► Ensure regulatory adherence, reducing compliance risks
  • Secure Data Collection ► Safeguard sensitive employee information
  • Self-service Candidate Portal ► Empower new hires for smoother onboarding

Eploy's onboarding solutions in Engineering and Industrial sectors reduce the time-to-productivity for new hires, significantly enhancing workforce effectiveness from the outset.

Optimising Onboarding for Engineering Professionals
Revitalising Recruitment in Engineering and Industrial Sectors

Revitalising Recruitment in Engineering and Industrial Sectors

Efficiently Meeting High-Volume Hiring Demands

  • Advanced Search & Filtering ► Quickly identify candidates with specific skills
  • Automated Email & SMS Marketing ► Increase candidate engagement and response rates
  • Job Posting and Distribution ► Expand reach, reducing time-to-fill for roles
  • Drag-and-Drop Pipelines ► Streamline candidate tracking, enhancing process efficiency
  • Configurable Hiring Workflows ► Adapt hiring steps for different roles, improving hiring speed

Eploy dramatically improves recruitment efficiency in the Engineering and Industrial sectors, leading to faster hiring cycles and filling critical roles more swiftly.

Enhancing Candidate Assessment

Accurately Evaluating Candidates for Optimal Fit

  • Assessment Form Builder ► Develop bespoke assessments for precise evaluation
  • Scoring & Grading ► Objectify candidate assessment, improving selection quality
  • Video Interviewing ► Conduct in-depth remote assessments
  • Application Screening & Pre-screening ► Efficiently shortlist top candidates
  • Structured & Panel Reviewing ► Foster collaborative decision-making

With Eploy, candidate assessment in the Engineering sector becomes more precise, leading to higher quality hires and better job-role alignment.

Enhancing Candidate Assessment
Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion

Cultivating an Inclusive Workforce Culture

  • Blind/Anonymised Shortlisting ► Implement fair selection by removing bias in candidate evaluations.
  • Configurable Application Workflows ► Tailor application processes to suit diverse candidate needs.
  • Diverse Talent Outreach ► Reach a broad spectrum of candidates through inclusive sourcing strategies.
  • Metrics and Reporting Insights ► Analyse recruitment trends and outcomes for continuous improvement.
  • Inclusive Recruitment Strategies ► Develop and apply methods that promote diversity in hiring.

Eploy aids engineering, industrial, and manufacturing sectors in building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our ATS features blind shortlisting and comprehensive reporting, ensuring a fair and unbiased recruitment process that values diversity.

Overcoming Talent Scarcity

Connecting with Skilled Industry Professionals

  • Advanced Candidate Search ► Employ detailed search capabilities to locate top industry talent.
  • Strategic Sourcing Tools ► Utilize targeted tools for identifying and attracting potential candidates.
  • Robust Screening & Assessment ► Conduct thorough evaluations to ensure the suitability of candidates.
  • Direct Job Board Integrations ► Facilitate seamless posting to various job boards for increased visibility.
  • Build Talent Pools for the future ► Develop reservoirs of qualified candidates for upcoming opportunities.

Eploy tackles the challenge of scarce qualified candidates in engineering and manufacturing. Our ATS extends your reach, ensuring you connect with the skilled talent essential for industry success.

Overcoming Talent Scarcity
Transforming Industry Perception

Transforming Industry Perception

Changing Narratives in Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Gamified Employee Referrals ► Encourage active employee participation in the recruitment process through gamification.
  • Positive Branding Strategies ► Develop and implement strategies that positively shape your company's image.
  • Innovative Job Advertising ► Utilize creative and effective methods for job advertisement to attract talent.
  • Engaging Social Campaigns ► Leverage social media to run compelling recruitment campaigns.
  • Interactive Candidate Experiences ► Provide a dynamic and engaging experience for candidates during the recruitment process.

Change the perception of the engineering and manufacturing sectors with Eploy. Our innovative ATS features, like gamified employee referrals and engaging social campaigns, help showcase the industry as a dynamic and attractive career choice.

What channels do engineering sector recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

The Engineering sector rely heavily on Career Sites (94%) and Professional Social Networks (88%) to fill vacancies with the right candidates. We see a slight increase in the use of engineering applicant tracking system/CRM & Talent Pools from 50% last year to 54% in the latest data within the sector. With one of the main sector challenges being candidate scarcity, the importance of providing good candidate experience and correctly managing engineering applicants is greater than ever.

Source: 2024 UK Candidate Attraction Survey
What channels do engineering sector recruiters use for sourcing candidates?
Which sourcing channels work best in engineering?

Which sourcing channels work best in engineering?

When we look at how Engineering recruiters are succeeding with talent attraction, the Sourcing Quadrant shares an interesting picture. Career sites, like last year, fall short in attracting the required quality and quantity of candidates, despite its significant use. Meanwhile, engineering ATS/CRM/Talent Pools, Professional Social Networks and Agencies deliver the most successful mix of candidates. Also worthy of a mention is that usage of employee referrals (73%) has decreased (81%, 2023) while still remaining one of the top-performing sourcing channels, attracting the highest quality of candidates.

Source: 2024 UK Candidate Attraction Report

How will levels of hiring in the engineering sector change in next 12 months?

In the Engineering sector, hiring levels are expected to increase by 37% of the respondents and several channels could aid further to fill future vacancies.

Unfortunately, recruitment marketing budgets don’t appear to be keeping up. 59% of the survey respondents from this sector anticipate that recruitment marketing budgets will stay the same and 21% are expecting a decrease.

Measuring and monitoring, in real time, every aspect of your hiring process will become of greater importance in order to successfully source high-quality candidates. With Eploy’s engineering applicant tracking system, you get complete recruitment analytics built in to create customised dashboards   

How will levels of hiring in the engineering sector change in next 12 months?
Engineering sector hiring challenges

Engineering sector hiring challenges

The Engineering sector overwhelmingly has a candidate scarcity challenge, which was cited by 70% of respondents. The next biggest challenge is building a diverse and inclusive workforce, followed by limitations related to Hybrid/Flexible working.

Regular monitoring and measurement of the effectiveness of sourcing channels and recruitment KPIs are imperative to get the most out of different sourcing channels.

Those who have an active metrics and analytics programme consistently report greater quality of the candidates they attract.

With Eploy you get complete recruitment analytics built-in through an engineering applicant tracking system within which you can create dashboards that measure and monitor, in real-time, every aspect of your hiring process.

Award-winning Online Candidate Experience

The Engineering sector know that candidate scarcity is a sector wide sourcing issue. Finding the right quantity and quality of candidates is an ongoing problem. Providing the best online candidate experience is vital to securing the best talent. 

At Eploy we've helped organisations deliver a first-class experience for their online applicants, and with Eploy's Award Winning Candidate Portal (OnRec 2022 Award - Best Candidate Experience) you'll be off to a flying start.

Because Eploy is not just a recruitment management system, your candidate journey can be seamlessly integrated into your website, or dedicated careers site, even integrated with leading recruitment tech products and services. For example, if you are looking to multi-post jobs through providers such as Engineering Jobs Now or Just Engineers, with Eploy's multi posting integrations it's a breeze to post your jobs across multiple boards via your favourite posting service. All from directly within your Eploy recruitment system. 

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Award-winning Online Candidate Experience

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