Paul Burgess

Co-founder & CEO

Surfer, juggler extraordinaire and proud father of twins. Along with Co-founder Chris Bogh, Paul has steered Eploy from humble beginnings in their shared apartment, to the thriving company it is today.

Paul designed and coded much of the first version of Eploy and always as a fully cloud-based solution. He still plays a pivotal role in product development, but now has a large team of developers to work with him!

Chris Bogh

Co-founder & CTO

Musician, gamer, kite-surfer and proud father of one, Chris heads up the Operations side of the company. An accomplished speaker at industry events, Chris is regularly asked for his opinion on recruitment technology.

Even though Eploy has grown massively since he formed the company with Paul in 1998, Chris still maintains a direct relationship with many Eploy clients today.



Bruce Groves

Chief Commercial Officer

Bruce has over 30 years technology sales and marketing experience including over 19 years in web-based and cloud solutions. Bruce focuses on customer-centric sales & marketing and strategic partnerships. 

Outside of Eploy, you'll find Bruce on the Holte End, Villa Park... or developing games for 40 year old 8-bit computers.

Mark Hobson

Chief Compliance Officer

Mark is a keen swimmer, and if not in the water he’ll be found on top of it sitting in a kayak. He has been with Eploy since 2009, having previously worked in both the recruitment and software industries. He looks after all things compliance and legal, bringing a unique blend of practical and technical experience to our customers.

Mark Eaton

Sales Director

Sailing, Snooker & cooking, along with family life, keep Mark busy outside of Eploy.  As one of the "original guys" from the early days of Eploy, Mark worked with some of our very first customers. In his role as Sales Director, he continues to work directly with new and existing clients, as well as helping to develop and build the sales team. 


Azhar Ali

Development Manager

Azhar joined Eploy as a junior software developer in 2006. With his hard work and passion for programming he now leads a large team of developers. Having been at the forefront of recruitment software for almost a decade, he plays a vital role in the ongoing development of the Eploy platform. Outside of Eploy, Azhar is a proud father and cricket fanatic.

Radhika Mitchell

Head of Client Services

Radhika (Rad) heads up the Client Services Department that covers Account Management, Customer Success and Client Projects. Her corporate, technical and project management expertise ensures Eploy’s customer base are looked after through every step of their journey towards better online recruitment. A ray of sunshine in the Eploy Head Office and Mom to two girls, Rad is an expert in her field and always works to find the best solution for customers, who love working with her!


Amy Nibbs

Head of Account Management

Amy heads up the Account Management Team, having built a team to support her to work closely with customers to engage and develop positive working relationships to ensure getting the very best out of the Eploy platform. Outside of work, Amy loves her dogs and the gym.


Steve Scott

Head of Implementation Services

Steve heads up the Implementation Services Team that lead client projects to tailor and implement Eploy’s recruitment software. No matter how complex the internal processes are, Steve ensures the team work collaboratively with recruitment and TA teams to understand business challenges and deliver award winning solutions. As an experienced project and team manager, he plays a vital role in developing innovative solutions for Eploy’s clients.
Steve is a proud Dad to a young daughter and outside of Eploy he enjoys exploring beautiful places in his camper van and playing drums in his samba band.



Calum Purdon

Head of Product Innovation

As Head of Product Innovation, Calum helps to drive the Eploy platform forward whilst keeping clients at the forefront of our thinking, thanks to his background in Customer Success. It’s no surprise given his competitive nature, that he loves to solve problems and help our clients get the most out of Eploy.
In his spare time, football, the gym and the pub keep Cal busy and out of trouble!


Carrie Piper

Head of People

Carrie has a wealth of experience in HR & People Management and leads Eploy’s People Strategy aligned to company goals and values. She has worked in several roles at Eploy and understands the importance of creating a positive experience for the team. In her free time, if she's not at Comic-Con with her son and partner, Carrie is a motorsports fan and dedicated F1 supporter. She’s also someone you’d want on your quiz team with her general knowledge superpowers!


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