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Technology & Software Recruitment Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment in the Technology sector is rapid and competitive. Having access to the right skills and a healthy talent pool can mean the difference between hiring the perfect team or narrowly missing out to the competition. 

Eploy's ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and Talent CRM is designed to help the tech sector to recruit smarter and faster, taking control of their hiring processes through the whole recruitment journey.

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Top Tech Firms Recruit Faster and Smarter with Eploy

Top Tech Firms Recruit Faster and Smarter with Eploy

Attracting Specialised Tech Talent

Find and Engage the Best in Tech with Eploy’s Advanced Tools

  • Talent Pools & Skills Library ► Build a reservoir of tech talent for future needs
  • Advanced Search & Filtering ► Precisely locate candidates with specific tech expertise
  • Social Media Integration ► Extend recruitment reach through social platforms
  • Employee Referral Programmes ► Tap into your network for quality referrals
  • Job Posting and Distribution ► Spread your tech job postings across multiple channels

Eploy empowers tech recruiters to attract top talent in a competitive market. By leveraging talent pools and advanced search capabilities, Eploy ensures you connect with the most qualified professionals in the tech sector, streamlining your recruitment process.

Attracting Specialised Tech Talent
Enhancing Candidate Assessment & Testing

Enhancing Candidate Assessment & Testing

Robust Assessment Tools to Evaluate Tech Expertise

  • Assessment Form Builder ► Create tailored assessments for specific tech roles
  • Scoring & Grading ► Objectively evaluate candidates based on consistent criteria
  • Testing & Assessments ► Conduct in-depth tests to gauge technical skills
  • Video Interviewing ► Perform detailed interviews to assess tech expertise remotely
  • Application Screening & Pre-screening ► Efficiently filter candidates at initial stages

Eploy’s suite of assessment tools ensures you evaluate tech candidates accurately. From custom assessment forms to comprehensive testing and video interviewing, Eploy helps you identify the most skilled and suitable candidates for your tech roles.

Maintaining a Robust Tech Talent Pool

Build and Nurture a Strong Pipeline of Tech Professionals

  • Talent Pools & Skills Library ► Cultivate a readily available pool of tech talent
  • Recruitment CRM ► Manage ongoing relationships with tech professionals
  • Intelligent Job Alerts ► Notify candidates about relevant tech opportunities
  • Email & SMS Marketing ► Engage tech candidates with targeted communication
  • Feedback Surveys ► Gather insights to enhance candidate engagement strategies

Building a sustainable tech talent pipeline is vital, and Eploy delivers just that. With its talent pooling and CRM capabilities, you can nurture relationships with potential candidates, ensuring you always have access to top tech talent.

Maintaining a Robust Tech Talent Pool
Seamless Onboarding of Tech Talent

Seamless Onboarding of Tech Talent

Effortless Integration of New Hires into Your Tech Team

  • Customisable Onboarding Processes ► Tailor onboarding experiences to tech roles
  • Electronic Signatures ► Speed up the completion of essential onboarding documents
  • Compliance Documents ► Manage necessary legal and compliance paperwork efficiently
  • Self-service Candidate Portal ► Enable new hires to access and manage their onboarding information
  • Secure Data Collection ► Ensure the protection of sensitive information for new hires

Eploy simplifies the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition for new tech hires. Customisable onboarding, electronic signatures, and secure data collection make it easy for new team members to integrate seamlessly into your organisation.

Streamlining the Tech Recruitment Process

Efficient Hiring Workflows Tailored for the Tech Industry

  • Drag-and-Drop Pipelines ► Streamline candidate progression through hiring stages
  • Configurable User Interface ► Customize the ATS for optimal user experience
  • Unlimited Configurable Hiring Workflows ► Adapt hiring processes to fit various tech roles
  • Interview Scheduling ► Efficiently organize interviews within the system
  • Automated Email & SMS Marketing ► Engage candidates with timely, relevant communication

With Eploy's customisable hiring workflows and drag-and-drop pipelines, managing the tech recruitment process has never been easier. These tools are designed to cater to the dynamic nature of tech hiring, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.

Streamlining the Tech Recruitment Process
What channels do technology & telecoms recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

What channels do technology & telecoms recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

Recruiters in the Technology & Telecoms industry rely on 3 main channels: their Website (97%), Employee Referrals (95%) and Professional Social Networks (94%) for finding candidates for open positions.  

Over half of in-house recruitment teams within the Technology & Telecoms industry also turn to agencies for help in filling their jobs. This can have a big impact on a company's cost of hire.

Those channels used less by in-house recruitment teams to source candidates include Social Media, used by 25% of respondents (down from 42% last year), Specialist Job Boards and CV Databases. 

Source: 2023 UK Candidate Attraction Survey

Which sourcing channels work best in technology and telecoms?

The top right quadrant shows the channels that deliver the best quality and quantity candidates. Professional Social Networks rank highly once again. 

Using a Talent CRM as a pro-active sourcing tool is used by just over half of talent teams (58%), but is delivering a decent return. Take a self-guided tour of the ATS/E-Recruitment features that should be working to help you to attract and nurture great candidates.

Website/Careers Site is the most used channel but slips into the ‘red’ zone alongside social media and CV Databases. 

Source: 2023 UK Candidate Attraction Report

Which sourcing channels work best in technology and telecoms?
How will levels of hiring & budgets in the technology & telecoms sector change in next 12 months?

How will levels of hiring & budgets in the technology & telecoms sector change in next 12 months?

In the Technology & Telecoms sector, the levels of hiring in the next 12 months look set to rise according to 56% of respondents, with 28% expecting no change and 16% expecting a decrease. When looking at how recruitment marketing budgets will align to this increase, shown in the chart, there is just 32% who expect budgets to increase alongside this rise in hiring. 39% see no change to budgets and 29% expect a decrease in budgets!

E-Recruitment software should offer more than just Applicant Tracking to provide those involved in the various stages of recruitment, from job requisitions to onboaring, to work collaboratively and in an efficient and streamlined way, maximising the resources and budgets available to you.

With Eploy - as as well as getting an award winning Applicant Tracking System, you get a dedicated hiring manager portal that's designed to involve and notify stakeholders involved in the hiring process in a compliant way throughout your hiring process.

Technology & Telecoms sector hiring challenges

As well as the scarcity of candidates in the current tight labour market, a lack of brand awareness is a key challenge for the Technology & Telecoms sector. Other challenges such as building a diverse and inclusive workforce and reducing time to hire also rank in the top 5 challenges.

Having the ability to regularly monitor and measure the effectiveness of sourcing channels becomes all the more important to counteract challenges faced. We know from the Candidate Attraction report findings that those who have an active metrics and analytics programme report greater quality of the candidates they attract.

With Eploy you get complete recruitment analytics built in. You can create dashboards that measure and monitor, in real-time, every aspect of your hiring process.

Technology & Telecoms sector hiring challenges
Award-winning Online Candidate Experience

Award-winning Online Candidate Experience

Delivering the ultimate candidate experience can have a positive impact on the quality and quantity of candidates you attract. 

At Eploy we've helped many organisations provide a premium candidate journey seamlessly integrated into a website or dedicated careers site. It's award winning too!

Eploy is not just a recruitment management system - it provides complete in-house recruitment software. Download the Eploy brochure to find out more.

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