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Applicant Tracking System for Research and Professional Institutions

In the world of research and professional institutes, as well as membership organisations, recruitment stands as a pillar of success. Eploy's Applicant Tracking System is innovatively designed to meet the unique challenges of these sectors. We recognise the necessity of not just filling roles but fostering a community of skilled professionals who drive innovation and growth.

Our system understands the intricacies of recruiting for specialised positions, providing tools for precise talent acquisition and thorough candidate assessment. Eploy isn’t just about sourcing candidates; it’s about building a relationship with them, from the first touchpoint to onboarding and beyond. Whether you’re managing a research institute, a professional body, or a membership organisation, Eploy equips you with the means to attract, assess, and onboard top talent efficiently.

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The leading Applicant Tracking System for Research and Professional Institutes

The leading Applicant Tracking System for Research and Professional Institutes

Streamlined Onboarding for Research and Institutes

Efficient Integration of New Employees

  • Customisable Onboarding Processes ► Tailor onboarding experiences to individual needs
  • Electronic Signatures ► Speed up document signing for a faster start
  • Self-service Candidate Portal ► Empower new hires with direct access to onboarding resources
  • Compliance Document Management ► Manage legal requirements efficiently for compliance
  • Secure Data Collection ► Protect sensitive employee information with robust security

Eploy simplifies onboarding in institutes and membership organisations. With its customisable processes and secure data management, new members and staff are integrated smoothly, enhancing their initial experience with your organisation.

Streamlined Onboarding for Research and Institutes
Building Sustainable Talent Pools

Building Sustainable Talent Pools

Cultivate a Dynamic Pool of Skilled Professionals

  • Recruitment CRM ► Manage candidate relationships for sustained engagement
  • Talent Pools & Skills Library ► Build a reservoir of talent with relevant skills
  • Intelligent Job Alerts ► Keep potential candidates informed about suitable opportunities
  • Email & SMS Marketing ► Engage candidates with targeted communication
  • Feedback Surveys ► Collect insights to continuously improve talent engagement

Eploy excels in creating sustainable talent pools for institutes and organisations. Its CRM and intelligent job alerts nurture ongoing relationships with potential candidates, ensuring a ready supply of skilled professionals for future needs.

Enhancing Candidate Assessment in Membership Organisations

Accurate Evaluation Tools for Identifying Ideal Candidates

  • Assessment Form Builder ► Create custom forms to evaluate candidates effectively
  • Scoring & Grading ► Objectively assess candidates using standard criteria
  • Video Interviewing ► Conduct in-depth remote interviews for detailed assessment
  • Application Screening & Pre-screening ► Efficiently filter candidates at early stages
  • Structured & Panel Reviewing ► Facilitate comprehensive candidate reviews collaboratively

Eploy’s robust candidate assessment tools enable membership organisations to evaluate applicants thoroughly. From tailored assessment forms to structured interview processes, Eploy ensures a high-quality selection, matching your organisation’s standards.

Enhancing Candidate Assessment in Membership Organisations
Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

Embracing Diversity in Hiring for Research Institutes

  • Data Anonymisation ► Remove personal identifiers to promote unbiased selection
  • Diverse Advertising Channels ► Reach a wide array of candidates through varied platforms
  • Inclusive Job Description Tools ► Create job ads that resonate with a diverse audience
  • AI-Powered Candidate Matching ► Match candidates based on skills and suitability, not bias
  • Customisable Forms and Lists ► Adapt recruitment materials for inclusivity and fairness

Eploy champions diversity and inclusion in recruitment for research institutes. By anonymising data and utilising diverse channels, Eploy ensures a broad range of candidates, fostering an inclusive and dynamic workforce.

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