Do Recruiters Need Software for Managing Applicants?

Want to find out more about recruitment software and how it’s being used by different types of recruiters? Visit our blog to find out more.


The Evolution of Web Technologies from Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

Web technologies play a major part in the recruitment industry with Web 3.0 and 4.0 revolutionising the function of tools on offer for recruiters.


How The Recruitment Process Has Evolved Over Time

The recruitment process has dramatically changed due to new technologies. Learn more about the process of recruitment and how it has advanced.


Personality Traits of a Successful Recruiter

The personality of a recruiter plays a major role in how successful they are in attracting candidates. Thes are the personality traits of a successful recruiter.


Key Considerations for Recruitment Software Training

Recruitment software training ensures that recruiters, talent teams and hiring managers using an Applicant Tracking System have a high level of understanding and competency. View the key training considerations here.


Causes of a Bad Candidate Experience

There are multiple stages of the recruitment process that can negatively impact candidate experience if not handled correctly. Find out what they are and how to improve on them here.


Should I Invest in Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software plays a major role in a business’ ability to attract and retain top talent. Find out why your business should make the investment in this latest insight.


The Biggest Interview Red Flags – Interviewer’s Perspective

There are various red flags that can alert you to a low-quality candidate during the interview process. Find out about some of the biggest red flags here.


The Biggest Interview Red Flags – Candidate’s Perspective

It can be challenging to spot the warning signs that indicate a poor-quality workplace. Find out about some of the biggest interview red flags here.


5 Of The Most Common Recruitment Mistakes

Recruitment can be challenging and many businesses tend to make mistakes during this process. Find out more about 5 of the most common recruitment mistakes.


How to Provide a Great Online Interview

Many businesses have made the switch to online recruitment processes. Find out more about how you can hold a great online interview using video and audio tools.


Applicant Tracking Systems – Not Just for Large Organisations

An applicant tracking system is a key tool helping to develop the efficiency of a recruitment strategy for any size business. Find out more in the latest blog from Eploy.

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