What it Means to be a Recruiter in 2022

The recruitment role has changed a great deal in 2022. We look at changes to the role as well as our expectations for the future.


Making Sure Your CV Makes It Through an Applicant Tracking System

Making Sure Your CV Makes It Through an Applicant Tracking System


The 4 Facets of a Successful Recruitment Policy

A recruitment policy plays a key part in ensuring a high quality of hires. View 4 of the most important aspects to a recruitment policy.


Most Common Barriers to a More Effective Hiring Process

There are various barriers that may disrupt hiring processes. Find out about the most common hiring process barriers in our blog .


Getting Started with Recruitment Automation

A guide for getting started with recruitment automation 


4 Industries That Make Use of an Applicant Tracking System

Industries that are adopting applicant tracking systems to support their recruitment processes


Reducing Bias in Your Hiring Process

Subconscious bias can play a major role in hindering the recruitment strategy of your business. Find out how bias can be reduced


Virtual vs In-Person Interviews - Positives and Negatives

While becoming more popular in recent years, how do virtual interviews compare to their in-person alternative?



The Importance of Candidate Engagement

There are a multitude of benefits to implementing a successful candidate engagement solution and is something that all businesses should look to add to their recruitment process.


Key Traits of a Great Interviewer

Carrying out an interview can be a real challenge for many and with interview questions regularly encouraging disingenuity, as an interviewer you may struggle to truly get an idea of how compatible an applicant may be with a role.


Automation and Employment – The Future, or a Passing Trend?

If correctly implemented, automation can offer major benefits within the employment sector; streamlining the overall hiring process as well as helping to remove some of the more mundane tasks.


Attracting The Best Talent With ATS

The war for talent has been raging for quite some time now, the demand for high-quality employees has always been there but the recent covid pandemic has made competition for applicants tougher than ever.

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