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Key Considerations for Recruitment Software Training 

Recruitment software training is an important part of any recruitment platform implementation. It ensures that recruiters, hiring managers and others who are using the recruitment software are equipped with the knowledge and skills to utilise the software effectively. When selecting recruitment software or an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), there are several considerations to take into account when deciding if a vendor's training is right for your team.

Online or Face to Face?

When it comes to learning how to use recruitment software, there are two primary methods of training - online and face-to-face. Each offers advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when deciding which form of training is best for you or your organisation. Check that your recruitment software provider is flexible in the format of training they offer.

Face-to-face training allows for an in-depth discussion with a knowledgeable instructor in an engaging setting. It also helps participants understand the nuances of the recruitment software better because they can ask questions directly to their instructor and get immediate feedback.

However, online training is often more convenient as it can be completed at any time, anywhere. The availability of video tutorials and webinars on a variety of topics related to recruitment software training makes it easier for participants to 'self-serve' and find the information they need without having to attend classes in person.

What Do You Want to Learn – And How Do You Want to Learn it? 

While it may sound obvious to say so, it’s important that the training that you’ve agreed upon with the provider is relevant to what you want to achieve. A great way to ensure this is to conduct training using your recruitment software and by using real-life examples; this ensures that your team will instantly be able to put their new skills into practice while also making the content practical to retain the knowledge.

Self-Service and Building Knowledge

While a recruitment software training session will look to get your team acquainted with the features available, follow-up sessions on some of the more specialised aspects of the software may be needed. It’s important that your recruitment software provider is able to offer customised training to aid with this. Also, for new hires or refresher training (instances in which booking a dedicated training session may not be worthwhile) it is worth asking if your provider offers self-service functionality via online manuals or pre-recorded demonstrations.  

Catering for Changes

If your business grows and you introduce more employees to the team or are replacing key hires, consistent recruitment software training is critical for effective onboarding. Regularly scheduled training ensures that new hires are familiar with the tools of their trade and can quickly start engaging in their job responsibilities. Keeping up-to-date with the latest features of your recruitment software helps to streamline processes, reduce mistakes caused by human error, and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

A comprehensive recruitment software training program should cover fundamental concepts such as how to use common functions within the platform, understanding search criteria and creating and viewing reports. Additionally, those involved with the recruitment process should be trained on best practices when it comes to using recruitment software properly. A top tip is to plan for training (and budget for it).  

If in doubt - ask! 

Utilise your ATS vendor to audit you and your use of the recruitment software in place. Are there key elements of the recruitment platform that you are not using – and would this revolutionise your approach to recruitment? As recruitment software innovates and new features are rolled out, making the most of what is available to you is imperative. You don’t know what you don’t know so seek advice from the experts!

This will help to then identify any gaps in knowledge which may need to be addressed through extra instruction or tutorials. 

Eploy Recruitment Software Training 
At Eploy, we offer a highly configurable Applicant Tracking System designed to help you attract, hire, and retain the best talent. Our agile technology is coupled with a training academy, providing solutions to guide recruiters and in-house teams to be fully competent in the use of our recruitment software. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements here - or schedule a personalised demo. No hard sell, no strings attached. Just some winning ideas to help you.

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