Sales Pipeline Management for Recruitment Firms

A key factor in the success of growing an ambitious recruitment firm is the ability to win new accounts, new jobs / assignments and to accurately forecast billings.

To achieve this, the modern recruitment firm needs to employ improved Sales Pipeline Management and take control of a consistent sales process. This in-depth whitepaper includes 20 pages of advice to help you implement sales pipeline management in your firm and develop a winning sales process.

Read and learn

  1. The three pipeline practices that studies have shown can produce 28% higher revenue growth.
  2. The anatomy of the modern recruitment sales pipeline and why it's different to traditional sales funnels.
  3. How to calculate your model sales pipeline, and how to measure performance against it.
  4. The key pipeline metrics, how to measure them and analyse your sales opportunities.
  5. How to improve your billings forecasts and overcome common pipeline problems.
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