Ensuring regulatory and university policy compliance

Meeting standards of compliance is not just a legal consideration but will also be a requirement of the university and is important for delivering a good service. Procurement processes and university standards on issues such as equal opportunities are also matters for consideration.

Whether you’re a recruiter experienced in compliance or a bit overawed with the subject, Eploy’s built in compliance functionality and knowledge of recruitment and higher education employment services will help you succeed.

Monitoring Agency Workers Regulations

Monitoring Agency Workers Regulations

AWR is a particular consideration for temp agencies. The legislation ensures temporary workers who qualify after 12 weeks of employment are provided with the same employment rights as a permanent employee. Tools within the system identify a student’s position with regard to AWR and can notify you of anyone approaching the qualification period.

Equal opportunities

If you are required to provide statistics regarding equal opportunities, you can include custom data collection fields in your registration or application processes and run reports to find the information you need.
Equal opportunities
Manage eligibility to work documentation

Manage eligibility to work documentation

As an employment service, you’ll have an obligation to ensure your students are eligible to work and have the appropriate documentation. Eploy assists by helping you easily identify and notify students who have not yet provided the evidence required. You can upload any relevant electronic documentation to Eploy's secure cloud storage for easy retrieval and reference.

Restricting students' working hours

There are legal limitations on the number of hours an international student can work while studying and many universities also impose restrictions on domestic students to avoid a negative impact on their studies. Eploy can help you monitor and restrict the number of hours a student can work through your service.
Restricting students' working hours
Data protection compliance

Data protection compliance

Any business storing data faces strict requirements under data protection laws. Eploy helps you to meet these obligations by protecting the personal data you hold with secure hosting. The application process and self-service portal allow students to define their subscription preferences so that your marketing lists are fully compliant.

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For ArtsTemps we needed to configure our online timesheet authorisation portal extensively to enable candidates to enter information online for approval by a multi-layered internal process, which includes the Hiring Manager, Payroll and Finance departments.  Importantly, this also had to adhere to the university’s strict working practices and policies. 

Zoe Arch, ArtsTemps Coordinator

ArtsTemps, the University of the Arts London

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Top features for achieving compliance

  • Higher education experience
  • Recruitment industry experience
  • AWR tracking
  • AWR reporting
  • Equal opportunities reports
  • Customisable forms
  • File upload
  • Secure hosting

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