Getting buy-in for your service

To deliver a truly beneficial service that has measurable impact on student employability, you’ll need the buy-in and support of your internal colleagues.

Ideally, suitable part time and temporary roles should be referred to your service before being outsourced, so engaging the HR Department from an early stage is crucial.

Getting buy-in from colleagues and educating them on the benefits you offer to students will help promote your service internally.

Portals for your internal managers

Portals for your internal managers

Key to securing internal buy-in is delivering an easy and convenient service to your colleagues. A dedicated website accessible on any device will ensure hiring managers can submit jobs, review candidates and authorise timesheets at their convenience.

Easily manage variable pricing

For temp agency services, Eploy can manage variable pay rates for employers so you can ensure you remain competitive with external suppliers and meet client needs. Eploy also enables you to manage a variety of internal charging mechanisms to align with your processes.

Easily manage variable pricing
Reporting your success

Reporting your success

Eploy’s built-in reporting tools can be used to generate compelling statistics about your achievements as a service. With easy data segmentation you can create reports focusing on smaller groups of your student candidates and find new angles for PR purposes.

Internal email marketing

Build branded e-newsletters within Eploy’s template editor and broadcast your good news stories, promote student candidates and advertise your services to the internal contacts on your database.
Internal email marketing
Producing a business case

Producing a business case

Convincing your senior management team may seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, our experience and supporting data from existing university clients make a compelling argument for a chargeable recruitment service. Our solution-focused sales and implementation teams can advise you on how best to set up and launch your service to achieve your objectives.

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We were able to cost-effectively enhance the core functionality in line with the needs of the university’s strict working practices and policies.

Tracy Murphy, Recruitment Manager

WorkLink, the University of Birmingham

We believe recruitment is about relationships

That's why we've engineered Eploy Recruitment Software to ensure you have the tools to meet your university recruiting objectives. So you can attract candidates, engage with your students and managers, and run an efficient job shop or temp agency.

Top features for securing internal support

  • Hiring manager portal
  • Online timesheets
  • Job requisition
  • Scalable / flexible pay rates
  • Reporting
  • Mail merge
  • Extensive experience in the University sector

What's your biggest recruitment challenge?

Eploy Recruitment Software is designed to help universities recruit faster and smarter, find out how we help you meet your objectives...

We believe

Running a university job shop or temp agency service is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class recruitment software solutions make it much, much easier. 

Eploy recruitment software is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey. We automate and simplify processes to attract, engage and employ candidates quickly. With a high degree of measurability, you can track costs and identify performance gaps accurately.

Our software is reinforced with market-leading mentoring and cross-sector expertise so you get training and support to achieve a powerful commercial advantage.