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Recruiters: 5 ways to cut hours of admin with an Applicant Tracking System

We could all do with more time or to spend less time on the mundane things that eat into our day.

An ATS will make a recruiter’s life easier and add value to the talent acquisition strategy. One of its many benefits is productivity gains and understanding the relationship between time, cost and quality of recruitment activity.

This blog shares five tips to supercharge your recruitment efficiency and free up time for the valuable activities that lead to being more effective in talent acquisition.

The perks of an ATS - Ideas to make your life easier


1.Eliminate vacancy requisition delays 

I am sure many recruiters can relate to lengthy delays in the approval process of vacancies. With the multiple stakeholders often involved, approval delays are common. Not only is this a frustration of potentially losing out on good talent, but it adds to the time to hire.

Say you have 1000 requisitions per year. Suppose each recruiter takes a conservative 10 minutes of admin time per requisition. In that case, the maths tells us that automating this process and raising vacancies within an ATS, automatically sent to the relevant authorisers with notifications sent to the recruitment team, will improve efficiency.

Estimated time saving: 166 hours + cost saving of £2620* and no delays to vacancy advertising or further down the process once you have begun candidate sourcing.

More info here: https://www.eploy.co.uk/features/job-requisitions/

2.Vacancy advertising wins 

Providing the recruitment team with a platform that connects with job boards, job aggregators, and other advertising channels will save you time on the repetitive task of individual job posting across multiple channels and platforms. There is also the time-consuming task of going to each platform should the vacancy details need editing or the vacancy closing unexpectedly.

Estimated time saving with automation: 25 hours of editing/posting per annum + cost saving of £393*. Also, multi-posting with an ATS will give you access to hundreds of job boards and automatic status updates directly in your ATS reporting.

More info here: https://www.eploy.co.uk/features/candidate-attraction/

3.CV parsing/management 

Automatically converting CVs to candidate profiles within an ATS will save time compared to a manual process. No re-keying, no missing emails containing CVs and a seamless way to sort and structure candidate data. It’s also one of the first impressions a candidate has of applying for a vacancy, so take the opportunity to create a lasting first impression.

Estimated time saving with automation: 750 hours (3000 CVs and 15 minutes per CV), + cost saving of £11,790*.

4.Eliminate interview scheduling headaches 

This relates to telephone interview booking and face-to-face interviews with candidates. When done manually, the logistics of managing availability typically result in back-and-forth emails and then keeping your fingers crossed that all goes to plan and nothing needs to be rescheduled. It’s a time-consuming headache. Automated interview scheduling brings many benefits, including reducing time to hire, improving the candidate experience, and eliminating the need for spreadsheets or collating interview notes. It also means you won’t lose track of candidates or let any slip through the net.

Estimated time saving is dependent on the number of interviews you schedule. Assume 1000 telephone and face-to-face interviews scheduled per annum and a conservative 15 minutes spent scheduling each interview (many sources suggest a minimum of 30 minutes to 2 hours per interview spent on scheduling).

Estimated time saving: 250 hours of administrative time + cost saving of £3930*

5.Spreadsheets no more! 

Creating and collating management reports for the recruitment function as a manual process typically means various iterations of spreadsheets with varying degrees of truth. Often, it takes an age to create and is based on out-of-date data, then wondering what, if anything, has happened with the data. A good ATS will be able to measure what you want, track performance over time, display data in multiple formats, and keep track of KPIs – automatically and in real-time.   

Estimated time saving based on one person spending 2.5 hours a week creating and collating recruitment reports, 130 hours + cost saving of £2043*

If that’s not enough to convince you of the value of an ATS, then look at the top 5 reasons we think you will love Eploy’s Applicant Tracking System: https://www.eploy.co.uk/applicant-tracking-system/

You are only 30 minutes away from understanding how you can make your life easier with an ATS. No hard sell, no strings attached, just some winning ideas to help you with your recruitment strategy. https://www.eploy.co.uk/about-eploy/contact-us/demo-request/

*Costs are for illustrative purposes only and based on an average Recruitment Advisor Salary (low range). At the time of writing this is £32,704/£15.72 per hour. Source: https://www.reed.co.uk/average-salary/average-recruitment-advisor-salary

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