Recruitment Software Essentials- Lead Acquisition

Lead acquisition is commonly regarded as the realm of the consultant- a realm where software has little bearing on the business outcome. But is this still the case within modern recruitment firms? Can recruitment software support consultant lead acquisition?


How to create a talent persona

A persona is simply a fictional character who represents a segment of the candidates you are trying to attract. It can help you to focus your recruiting efforts and target top talent more easily.


Is mobile recruitment still a competitive advantage?

A year on from the so called 'Mobilegeddon' is mobile recruitment still a competitive advantage? Is it enough to focus your talent attraction strategy on on device?


Recruitment Software Essentials- Build and Manage Target/ Canvass Lists

In this article, we will look at how recruitment software enables Recruitment Consultants to win more business and manage relationships effectively.


Recruitment Software Essentials- Import Candidate Tool

In this blog series we’re going back to basics. We will explore the features that should be at the core of all recruitment software and explain their benefits, and how they work. Let's begin with importing candidates.


6 ways eSignatures can speed up your recruitment

Most in house and agency recruiters manage much of their work through Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment CRM tools. However, there still remains certain areas of the process that require on manual, paper-based 


Does a KPI Culture Really Boost Recruitment Revenue?

In short: KPIs drive your recruitment activity and business growth. But small to medium firms that are expanding rapidly face some unique challenges when it comes to managing KPIs.


Leaner Recruitment

What can recruitment teams learn from a Lean methodology for process improvement? At the learning disability charity Mencap they are proving that you really can do more, with less, and better.


How to create a winning job description every time

Is there a way to use a repeatable formula to create a winning job description every time?


Three reasons you might be struggling to attract top talent

Attracting top talent to your organisation is all about fine margins. If you're struggling with your quality of hire but not sure why, read these three possible indicators.


How to create your own explainer videos for free

Explainer videos are extremely popular at the moment. But is it possible to creat a business quality explainer video yourself?


Is sales pipeline management achievable in recruitment?

Most businesses manage a sales pipeline. You put leads in the top, stuff happens, hey presto...revenues flow. But is this really achievable in the modern recruitment firm? 

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