The Recruitment Metrics Cookbook

Four Great Menus for Cordon Bleu recruitment

Recruitment is tough, especially in a candidate-led jobs market, that’s why more than ever, having full insight into all aspects of your recruitment process is vital in the quest for hiring perfection.

In Volume 1 of The Recruitment Metrics Cookbook, we’re going to help you plan four excellent analytics menus. 

The Candidate Sourcing Scorecard

Measure the performance of your recruitment advertisement and candidate sourcing channels. 

The Hiring Efficiency Dashboard

Next we’ll look at ways to measure the efficiency of your hiring process, to help you spot bottlenecks that need removing. 

The Diversity & Inclusion Monitor

We’ve also brought together some metrics that can be used as part of your Diversity & Inclusion programme to aid your hiring.

Key Performance Indicators

And finally, we’ll bring together some of the Key Performance Indicators that you can use to communicate your hiring successes to your leadership & executives.

This way to delicious data driven insights...