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Recruiting Software for In-house recruitment

Eploy is cloud-based recruiting software for in house recruitment teams that include ATS, Talent CRM, Onboarding and powerful recruitment analytics in a simple, beautifully designed interface.

What is Recruiting Software?

What is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting Software enables your company to manage your entire recruitment process efficiently. Often, this begins with 'raising a request to recruit', which, once authorised, will begin the recruitment campaign.

In house recruitment teams use cloud-based talent acquisition software, like Eploy, to find, attract and nurture candidates, manage the interviewing and assessment process and then onboard their successful new hires.

An Applicant Tracking System or ATS is one form of recruiting software. However, it can comprise much more, including Video InterviewingTalent CRM, Onboarding and Recruitment Analytics.

What is Recruitment CRM?

An Applicant Tracking System is most suitable for managing active recruitment campaigns where you are trying to fill an immediately available position by attracting active job seekers. Recruitment Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) can help you create and nurture your relationships with passive candidates. Often this is known as talent pooling or talent pipelining.

The key benefit of Recruitment CRM is that it enables you to build a pool of 'warmed up talent' so that when a vacancy arises in the future, you already have a bank of candidates who have engaged with your employer brand to approach.
What is Recruitment CRM?
What are the key features of Recruiting Software?

What are the key features of Recruiting Software?

Good recruiting solutions should be able to do some (or preferably all) of the following:

  • Job Requisitions - enabling your hiring managers to raise a 'request to recruit', which is then authorised by the right people in your organisation.
  • Candidate Attraction - sourcing tools such as job board multi-posting, integration with job aggregators like Indeed, and of course, seamless integration with your website or careers site. Another critical area of the hiring tech stack is Employee Referrals, which encourages your employees to refer their friends and networks to apply for roles within your company.
  • Candidate Assessment - features such as screening and assessment forms, artificial intelligence, video interviewing, interview scheduling can help you consistent and fairly manage your selection process.
  • Candidate Engagement - keeping your future talent warm and engaged is not an easy task; good recruiting systems will include recruitment marketing functionality like email and SMS marketing that helps nurture your talent pools.
  • Workflow Management - most companies will have different hiring processes for different vacancy types, so your recruiting platform must let you create, manage and update multiple hiring workflows.
  • Recruitment Analytics - Many recruiting software solutions include standard reports, yet recruitment methods can vary considerably from one company to the next. Ideally, your recruiting software should include self-service dashboards and configurable metrics that enable you to measure what matters most to your organisation.

What Benefits does Recruiting Software deliver?

Primarily, online recruitment software is designed to ensure your entire hiring process is as efficient and effective as possible, thereby reducing your time to hire or time to fill. However, good recruiting software can also deliver many other benefits, including:

  • A fairer process - features such as 'Blind' Recruiting removes candidate personal details, such as their name, from the hiring team, ensuring all candidates are assessed fairly.
  • Improved Candidate Experience - although many Applicant Tracking Systems deliver a poor, disjointed online experience for candidates, good recruiting software will be seamlessly integrated into your careers site, ensuring branding, messaging, and the online application process is as smooth as possible. Candidates who receive a good experience are far more likely to then recommend you to their friends and social networks.


What Benefits does Recruiting Software deliver?

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Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your roles is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class applicant tracking system and recruitment software makes it much, much easier. 

Eploy applicant tracking system & recruitment software is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey. We automate and simplify processes to attract, engage and employ candidates quickly. With a high degree of measurability, you can track costs and identify performance gaps accurately.

Our software is reinforced with market-leading mentoring and cross-sector expertise so you get training and support to achieve a powerful commercial advantage.