20 April, 2021

Mencap is a long-standing customer of Eploy and, over that time, have been on quite a journey to transform their recruitment capability.

A UK Charity for people with a learning disability, everything Mencap does centres on valuing and supporting people with a learning disability and their families and carers. Mencap provides a wide range of services to help in any area of a person's life where they need support. To achieve this, Mencap needs incredible, caring people to join their team of brilliant support workers across the country, providing vital support for people with a learning disability.

Their primary challenges at the start of the recruitment automation programme were to have access to relevant management information, manage effectively and efficiently an ever-increasing demand for new team members across the whole organisation, and ensure their career pages and employer branding reflected the company values. They had substantial success across the hiring process, onboarding and system integration to decrease administrative hours dedicated to manual recruitment activities. 

Not one to rest on their laurels, Mencap's latest internal project to look at end-to-end recruitment and HR processes focused on how they could make things better, find efficiencies and add more value to the process.

Eploy is continually working on providing ownership of the recruitment platform into the customer's hands and moving more functionality into flows technology. The most recent system upgrade of Eploy delivers new functionality, Eploy Flows, to simplify Mencap's recruitment workflows and unlock additional business value.

How Eploy Flows delivers complete candidate journey flexibility

Form flows are a process or journey that a candidate follows to provide the required hiring information. Flows encompass both application processes, gathering the candidates' history and experience, and onboarding processes, capturing all of your new starter information.

Eploy customers can configure their Flows to take place during any stage of their recruitment process. Meaning, you are not limited to gathering information at the application or onboarding stage - you can even set up Flows to trigger following a successful interview, for example.

Flows can include conditions so that the information you gather is specific to the type of candidate or vacancy. So, you can ensure that you capture all of the relevant information for different departments, business areas, or functions within your organisation. You can even change the requirements for internal or external candidates, whereby an internal candidate can now follow a streamlined process. For example, internal candidates only need to provide one reference, whereas external candidates need to submit more.

Mencap's Flows

Over the years of working with Eploy, Mencap realised that their recruitment workflows had become overly complex and elongated as they had added layers to workflows over time. The Eploy upgrade allowed Mencap to condense some of their recruitment workflows. The new Eploy Flows functionality gave them complete control over their flow structure – all handled internally, without requiring external support. Eploy Flows provides a visual representation of the candidate journeys and enables Mencap to test their revised processes in a safe environment before activating.

For example, over time, the Mencap onboarding flow had 16 different steps – by leveraging Eploy Flows, Mencap was able to make more use of conditions to dictate the candidate journey and make the process both sleeker and more succinct.

Jacob Rickett, Project Manager at Mencap, commented, "The combination of the Swift Project and the Eploy recruitment system upgrade features provides a new agile way of working. The result is an easier process for candidates that is much more flexible. This, in turn has presented value to be released, which was a key objective of the project.

"We also looked at how to improve the Hiring Manager journey, involving Hiring Managers in testing and reviewing the design principles, so they were engaged with using the new Eploy Hiring Manager Portal. Any reasons for HM's not being engaged were troubleshot, i.e., how to get access to the HM portal if they haven't accessed it for a while, or what to do when I can't remember my password. We eliminated these issues by implementing single sign-on. By taking advantage of the Eploy REST API services, allowing for authorised external applications to read data from our Eploy system, opens up many other opportunities to release value".

Read about Mencap's Implementation of Eploy in this case study.

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