17 June, 2016

Eploy attended the CIPD Recruitment Exhibition held at London Olympia on the 15th and 16th June 2016. The annual event was once again a hit with delegates and exhibitors alike. The learning sessions were of a high calibre and provided insights into industry trends.

Some of the key themes for the event were:

1.    Name Blind Applications

Our showcase piece on Name Blind Applications and recruitment discrimination proved to be a popular talking point for many delegates. This emerging theme in recruitment software has grown in popularity since October 2015. Some of the country’s biggest employers have signed up to the scheme, as more and more companies vie for a more objective hiring process.

Nameblind Live

2.    Best of Breed

While many HR systems have a recruitment module, the best option for in house recruiters is to get a dedicated recruitment system. Integrating best of breed HR systems with best of breed recruitment systems was a theme amongst many delegates.

3.    Self-service analytics

Recruitment reporting is the best way for in house recruiters to track and report on the metrics that matter to you and your organisation. Of course, our award-winning dashboards can help with that.

4.    Omni-device applications

The candidate journey was a source of much debate amongst delegates and exhibitors alike. Does it start of mobile then move to desktop? Do candidates apply solely on mobile? The key take away here is that candidates should receive the best possible experience irrespective of the device.

5.    Onboarding

Many delegates were interested in moving away from paper based onboarding to a more streamlined electronic onboarding process. Features like offer acceptance and e-signing were of particular interest to a number of delegates.

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