25 September, 2011

Senior executive recruitment is at its third highest level ever due to a dramatic resurgence in demand, according to the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

In parallel, eploy® has experienced an unprecedented level of interest from Executive Recruitment agencies over the last 12 months, securing contracts with Norman Broadbent, The Oval Partnership and Influence International to name a few.

"Whilst executive search will continue to be the most high-touch area of recruitment, more and more executive agencies are turning to web-based software that makes it much easier for consultants to integrate with networks such as Linked In, Google and Online CV Searches," confirmed Chris Bogh, eploy®'s Technical Director.

"Agencies now require their software to work harder, support business growth and be flexible to embrace new emerging channels - the 'next' Linked In," said Chris. "As more channels become available via internet, smartphones or tablets, being able to quickly adapt and integrate systems will be massively important for users."

eploy®'s core executive search software has an extensive and unique set of features dedicated to executive recruitment, which are based around the researching and promotion of quality candidates at targeted leads. For example, the ability to search and view organisational structures from any candidate or contact helps plot contact points within target organisations. eploy®'s specialist executive search tools have been developed over many years, while working closely with various types of executive / head hunter recruitment consultancies.

Being 100% web-based from the beginning means eploy® is now streets ahead of other web based systems and is completely browser / operating system independent.

"We know that many executive recruiters still use spreadsheets, but the web and integrated software solutions are now important tools in an executive recruiter's armoury. Executive search is not a 9-5 job and it requires consultants to spend quality time with their clients and candidates; technology is facilitating this by making the recruiter more efficient on and off line. Plus, software simplifies the management of information and gives recruiters easy remote access, 24/7, to a central data portal," added Chris.

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