16 April, 2012

Can technology provide the answer?

The role of a modern day recruiter is becoming increasingly complex. They are often expected to be an 'expert' across the many facets of recruitment, and usually with little prior experience. From organising a graduate / apprentice drive one week to researching LinkedIn for an executive post the next. All of this on top of finding the time for everyday permanent roles and managing your own talent pool. To make life even harder, each type of recruitment has different functions, unique workflows, reporting / admin requirements and business needs.

So how does the modern recruiter manage of all these different roles and still stay on top of compliance, bureaucracy and legislation requirements, while attracting candidates that fit the culture of the company?

Technology plays a central role in helping recruiters juggle jobs. Traditionally, organisations have used different software systems to manage each recruitment function, outsourced some areas or simply used a manual based system. However, with the increased sophistication of the web based tools today, recruiters no longer need to use disparate systems that offer no cohesion. Instead, the future lies in choosing a web-based platform that can support all areas of recruitment.

For example, one of eploy®'s clients recently wanted more control over their temporary workers to manage areas such as equal pay rights in order to comply with the Agency Workers Directive 2010' which comes into force in October 2011. As each eploy® system already contains a full temporary and contract management system that can easily cater for timesheet entry, rate management and full online timesheet authorisation, all they needed was for those features to be turned on.

In another scenario, a client wanted to set up a specific high volume recruitment drive for an apprentice scheme that required sophisticated diary management, automated emails and SMS alerts. They also wanted the flexibility of a separate system so that each year the applicants can be archived. The advantage here is that they can still use a familiar customised system to manage the entire workflow from registration and screening to the offer stages and beyond.

About eploy®

eploy®'s single applicant tracking and recruitment software enables recruiters to have one core feature-rich system that can be used to manage all areas of recruitment and different workflows. From high volume seasonal / graduate or apprenticeship schemes, research based executive recruitment right through to temporary recruitment with its ever changing pitfalls around legislation and compliance.

For recruiters with specific or simple requirements, eploy® can simply turn off features that are not required at the time of implementation. However, we often find that when our clients delve deeper into the inner workings of eploy® or as they expand their recruitment functions they want to make more use of the features that lie beneath the standard system.

eploy®'s system enables users to really harness the latest recruiting technologies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Online CV Searches. Plus, it can easily integrate with online psychometric testing programmes, host health questionnaires, process employee referral bonus schemes and be used for succession planning.

Having chosen to develop a 100% web-based system since 1998, eploy® is now streets ahead of other sys
tems and is completely browser / operating system independent, something that not many "web based" ATS's can truly say. eploy®'s unique one size 'fits all' solution is now transforming the way modern recruiters work. 

Kier, the leading building services group who employs more than 11,000 people worldwide. The complex and diverse requirements of all of Kier's businesses meant they needed one all-inclusive solution that would integrate an applicant tracking system with the latest recruitment and HR management reporting tools. The vendor selection process was heavily influenced by the overall capability of the software package to meet the flexibility of multi-organisational working and manage the development of a companywide talent pool.

Advantage who manages the RPO contract for communications giant T-Systems. eploy® introduced a 360° view of the recruitment function, giving time and cost to hire figures. The solution also overcomes the challenges associated with T-Systems' complex, multi-tiered authorisation processes - handling over 150 hiring managers - and multiple cost centre structure.

Arts Temps is the temp recruitment agency for University of the Arts London (UAL). eploy® developed a sophisticated Hiring Manager portal and online timesheet authorisation system to address UAL's complex internal administration procedures. To enhance this management process, the system is also programmed to automatically send email alerts to notify Hiring Manager's of outstanding timesheets and to generate custom Payroll and HR Financial monthly reports.

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