11 October, 2021

The RAC has quickly seen the benefits of implementing Eploy’s Complete Applicant Tracking System and Talent CRM to address a shortfall with a previous toolset that the company had not only outgrown but had limited usage across the business.

The RAC, ever since its foundation in 1897, has been consistently at the forefront of developing motoring services. 

Headquartered in the West Midlands with approximately 4,000 dedicated staff, the RAC operates from three bases – Walsall, Manchester and Bristol – with its vehicle and breakdown services underpinned by its nationwide, branded patrol force, focusing primarily on vehicle repair and recovery.

An easier way to attract, hire and retain talent

The RAC recruitment team, led by Vicki Sengonca, recognised that, alongside their organisational development, recruitment technology had also moved on. The RAC took the opportunity to make improvements across the recruitment process that would support RAC growth.

The business drivers were to meet RAC’s growth objectives from a resourcing perspective:
  • Decrease the cost of hire through efficient interview and assessment centre booking, selection and attendance.
  • Improve the quality of hire through better identification and attraction of quality candidates.
  • Accelerate time to hire through improved online application and recruitment process management.

The RAC implemented Eploy to address manual and time-consuming vacancy requisition and authorisation, reliance on multiple candidate application sources and lack of integration with advertising partners, inefficient candidate screening and interviewing processes and a lack of hiring manager engagement. 

Eploy’s complete Applicant Tracking System and Talent CRM act as the central hub for all recruitment activity. As a result, the RAC has removed the need for a separate candidate screening system and provides hiring managers with a dedicated portal to easily view and manage longlisted candidates and make informed decisions to progress/reject each candidate.

Resourcing time has been freed up from time-consuming admin tasks to manage the complete life cycle of the recruitment process that provides candidates with a vastly improved experience.

The RAC’s careers website helps to engage candidates and provide a streamlined job search and application process, fully underpinned by Eploy’s award-winning Candidate Portal technology.

Vicky Sengonca, Head of Resourcing at the RAC, commented, “The ease of use of Eploy’s core system and portals provides a simple way to make a big difference. The team has embraced the new way of working and addressed many recruitment issues to benefit the organisation. We continually review progress with the extensive reporting capability available with Eploy Dashboards. Our time putting together reports from multiple systems has reduced significantly. We have an automated audit trail of activity and extended our communication with candidates that supports the requirement to recruit quality people into the business faster.”


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