18 December, 2008

E-recruitment is producing many winners, but the term is often misunderstood. The reality is that to become a winner, your organisation must adopt its own individual e-recruitment strategy and continually monitor its success.

Broadly speaking, e-recruitment encompasses everything Internet - from your website or career portal, the job boards you use, receiving registrations & applications via the web, through to your management of the entire process. Adopting the right approach will result in massive savings and increased productivity, opening new opportunities in your marketplace previously only exploitable by major players such as high volume applicant tracking and vendor management.

The key to better management of your strategy is about adopting a centralised approach, where a customisable web based recruiting system such as eploy® brings everything together. To illustrate this, let's look at a typical recruitment process from an e-recruitment angle and how a specialist recruitment system can help.

First you identify a new requirement…

You enter this onto your system, inputting key skills and requirements for the job. At this point, a good system will allow you to quickly and intelligently match suitable candidates from your own database with easy-to-use tools and promote the requirement to them using automated templates. It will also promote the requirement on your own website and post it to your chosen job boards instantly, based on your original spec.

Now the search for suitable candidates…

You may have already found some from your existing 'quick matching' so you're off to a good start! If using e-marketing & optimisation techniques, you should receive applications via your own website which is obviously a very cost effective way of reaching new candidates and developing your own talent pool. E-shots and SMS should also drive more interested candidates to apply via your website where they can fill out online forms removing more admin work, with unsuitable applications being instantly eliminated with pre-screening functionality. Intelligent background skill matching will also suggest new speculative registrations for your live requirement for you to review.

You then start to receive applications from job boards and online CV searches…

This can yield the best candidates but can be time consuming if sent to your in-box. However, with a cleverly automated recruitment system, responses from job boards should already be imported with all data & skills automatically extracted and applicants ranked based on their skill % match and suitability against your live requirements. This enables you to instantly identify the most suitable candidates, speeding up your short-listing process significantly.

Now you're ready to work with your ordered short list…

Working though your list and updating application statuses or terminating applications, you will inevitably need to contact candidates and clients along the way e.g. to send regret letters, interview invites or forward CV's. With customised templates in your online recruitment system linked to your workflow, this task is simple and automated, but still keeps the personal touch.

Eploy® provides unique workflow management, allowing you to effectively monitor your progress on each requirement and automate processes. It also helps you to continually tailor and evaluate the success of your e-recruitment strategy and consultant's productivity with comprehensive management reporting. Your clients & other associates can interact through your website, temps can take advantage of online timesheet entry and execs can easily promote quality candidates based on skills matching.

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