08 December, 2021

saha is a registered provider that started developing housing and services in 1959. It is a wholly controlled subsidiary of The Salvation Army and has grown into a specialist provider of support and accommodation across England.

It currently owns approximately 3,500 units of accommodation located across England and comes into contact with over 6,000 service users across 64 local authority areas annually. saha both directly manages its accommodation and works with managing agents, demonstrating saha’s commitment to partnership working for the benefit of local communities.

The opportunity to transform

saha identified that the incumbent system no longer met their requirements and realised there was an opportunity to enhance how they approached recruitment to improve the candidate experience and make the best use of saha’s values and behaviours, along with simplifying and automating the process for hiring managers and making more time to devote to Transforming Lives.

After reviewing current working practices and capabilities, saha chose Eploy as a customer-focused solution that enhances the recruitment experience to attract and nurture talent. They saw how they could improve candidate communications with a complete recruitment platform, reduce time and clicks to apply, improve the relevance of application forms and utilise their new recruitment portal for employee checking and initial on-boarding processes.

Collaborative working

Commenting on the transformation project, Sharon Sandford, People Services Operations Manager, stated “saha chose Eploy to meet current and future aspirations, and we have delivered what we set out to do in record time. The implementation process was excellent and channelled us to not only launch ahead of schedule but bring added value to our recruitment process and candidate experience”. Pauline Shakespeare, Head of People Services, added “the support we have had from Eploy has been fantastic. We now have as much as possible automated across our recruitment process, with candidate-centric content that shows who we are and what we stand for, so candidates can quickly gauge what that means for them as part of the saha team”.

In utilising the core Eploy ATS, Talent CRM and Hiring Manager portal, they have been able to involve hiring managers across the different areas of the business and the People Services team to work collaboratively, setting appropriate access and authorisation levels for all.

The team can now quickly post vacancies to the preferred Job Boards, update them, and remove them all through Eploy. All vacancies posted to Job Boards, their status, start and end dates can be seen from within Eploy. Eploy’s integration with Indeed allows the automatic posting of all publicly available vacancies on Indeed, allowing candidates to apply directly. The candidate’s data is then sent straight to Eploy.

You can find out more about saha, the vacancies they have and what it’s like working for them here: https://saha.org.uk/about/work-for-us/

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