23 April, 2021

Push Doctor works in partnership with NHS practices, PCNs and CCGs across the country to provide the platform and technology to allow safe and secure video consultations with NHS-trained clinicians. Since 2015 they have continually pushed the envelope in digital healthcare and aren't planning on stopping any time soon. 

Being at the forefront of Healthtech, Push Doctor enables patients and clinicians to leverage their digital solution's benefits with technology that fully integrates with NHS clinical systems to ensure a continuity of patient safety and care. 

As they continue to scale, reduce inefficiencies and bring recruitment in line with the rest of the business, they implemented Eploy's Quick Launch recruitment platform to rapidly automate their manual processes and provide a first-class candidate experience. 

The Push Doctor team is revolutionising healthcare and making a difference so getting the right candidates is essential. Sara Ackroyd, Talent Manager at Push Doctor, who managed the implementation, said "We have achieved a great deal in a short time scale and implemented Eploy's Quick Launch alongside business as usual. We are now in a much better position to engage talent faster with a better candidate experience so candidates can understand the Push Doctor culture and brand. We have saved time across the recruitment process and, for the first time, have visibility across each stage from job requisition to onboarding. Our Hiring Managers can now work collaboratively with the recruitment team with the right tools across the recruitment stages." 

Chris Bogh, CTO at Eploy, commented "Push Doctor has worked hard on establishing their brand values and what they mean to the team. Bringing recruitment into the fold reinforces a consistent message through the recruitment process so candidates can engage from the initial stages. Eploy's Quick Launch provides all of the key talent acquisition functionality for SMEs to rapidly deliver an improved recruiting experience from both an internal stakeholder and candidate perspective."

You can find out more about Push Doctor careers and how they offer video consultations to patients for the first time and push the boundaries through technology.

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