06 July, 2021

Practice Plus Group, the country’s leading independent provider of services to the NHS, is seeking to maintain its reputation for providing outstanding care by attracting and engaging the very best talent looking for a rewarding career in healthcare.

Practice Plus Group runs services that include hospitals, walk-in centres, urgent treatment centres, GP practices and healthcare services to around 50 prisons across the country.

Having used an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the group realised the ATS lacked the potential of a complete recruitment platform to attract, engage, recruit and onboard the perfect teams.

The recruitment team saw an opportunity to improve its approach to recruitment, whilst making vacancies more accessible and transparent, aligning them to company values of diversity and inclusion.

Practice Plus Group chose Eploy’s complete ATS & E-recruitment platform to manage its recruitment practices, from vacancy requests through to onboarding new hires successfully, gathering accurate and reliable data along the way to make better recruitment decisions.

The organisation has three recruitment teams across its business services. Each has differing needs and is recruiting for a diverse range of roles. Some areas recruit for volume roles while others have very specialised roles.

The flexibility of Eploy’s core platform configuration meant that those differing needs could be tailored across the recruitment process – in the customisation phase – to engage candidates in the best way, giving better control to the recruitment teams.

The candidate portal provides a smooth and straightforward online application process that allows candidates to register securely with social network profiles in just a few clicks.

Matt James, Head of Resourcing, Practice Plus Group, pictured right, said: “The candidate experience is at the forefront of our approach. The recruitment workflows are customised based on role type so that we can manage the process depending on the requirement. Our dedicated candidate portal provides people with a self-service way to receive job alerts, track their applications and accept job offers, all from one central hub.

“This has been a fantastic project to work on and, despite the size of such an undertaking, we've been supported by Steve and the team at Eploy all the way. The functionality offered by Eploy will make significant improvements to our candidate experience.”

Being a diverse and inclusive organisation, Practice Plus Group is also using Eploy’s anonymised functionality when reviewing CVs to demonstrate the transparency and fairness of its process. Anonymised applications promote inclusivity by removing the candidate’s name and personal data from the recruiter’s view. This removes the potential for any suggestion of unconscious bias during the candidate assessment process. Eploy also tracks equal opportunities information using Eploy dashboards.

You can find out more about Practice Plus Group careers, including what it means to join the team here.


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