07 March, 2023

PETA is Portsmouth's leading provider of corporate training, apprenticeships and consultancy services.

A pioneer in lifelong learning and career transformation, PETA specialises in training for today’s most in-demand professional, digital and technical skills.  They promote the vision for individuals to ‘Aspire to Learn - Apply to Advance’ in their development plans.

PETA is committed to transforming careers and building the next generation of business leaders and technical experts, by providing apprenticeship programmes and training to young people. Its award-winning training and apprenticeship programmes have helped thousands of businesses and individuals across the UK to reach their full potential.

Apprenticeships are funded from contributions made by the government and an employer. Employers benefit in many different ways from employing apprentices, providing an effective route to recruit and train future talent, address skills shortages and develop careers across core parts of a business.

PETA implemented Eploy’s Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM to fulfil its requirements to recruit apprentices on behalf of employers looking for an effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Until recently, the team handled recruitment using an off the shelf ATS with limited functionality requiring manual intervention. The team had a vision to automate the existing recruitment process, improve the candidate experience and easily report on progress through providing an online candidate experience, that would engage with the target audience, improve manual interaction for everything from the posting of jobs to arranging interviews and engage with the candidate throughout the process.

Beth Bridgen, Recruitment Manager at PETA commented, “Automating our recruitment processes enables us to engage with candidates in a way that is expected with our typical target market of 16–24-year-olds. Eploy has the functionality we were looking for with its customisation, Video Interviewing toolkit and multi-posting functionality. Using the core system combined with the hiring manager portal and candidate portal has transformed how we operate.”

Eploy is designed with multiple recruitment workflows for the range of apprenticeship roles available and direct employment with PETA. Eploy’s complete applicant tracking system is much more efficient in job posting, managing candidate engagement and tracking recruitment progress that can support financial planning and reporting.

Eploy’s Video Interviewing toolkit is used to let candidates express their personality and creativity and provides a more rounded overview of the candidate. The video interviewing process has been designed on a candidate basis so if a candidate applies for a role and completes a video interview, and then applies for another role requiring a video interview as part of the workflow, a condition to not request for an additional video interview has been set.

Beth added, “The reporting dashboards we have in Eploy provide visibility of all recruitment activity and provides the data we need to understand performance. Our working relationship with the team at Eploy is supportive and we look forward to growing our use of the platform with extended Hiring Manager autonomy and use of the Vendor portal with employers for vacancy management and candidate submission.” 

You can find out more about PETA Apprenticeships and opportunities here: https://careers.peta.co.uk

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