18 December, 2019

Nisbets was established in 1983 by Andrew Nisbet. Today, they’re still a family business, only with a bigger family. They are the UK’s largest supplier of commercial catering equipment. With Operations in 5 mainland European countries as well as Ireland, ANZ and China they are not only the UK market leader, they’re a major worldwide supplier of catering equipment and over 2,200 employees work for Nisbets around the globe.

Intrinsic to their future vision of a global resourcing model was the deployment of a new ATS to support global recruitment activities across the business. Eploy was selected through a tender process and was successfully deployed in the UK as part of a global operating model. It will be phased out across Europe and ANZ in January 2020.

In just a few months the team have seen immediate benefits that can be replicated through a global resourcing model. Not only that, their achievements won gold at the In-house Recruitment Awards for In-House Recruitment Team – Retail. The award recognised them for demonstrating great innovation for their recruitment and talent initiatives. 

Leesa Mortemore, Global Head of Resourcing at Nisbets was tasked with transforming recruitment from a low direct recruitment delivery model, with a high dependency on agencies, to a high direct recruitment model. This in turn would lead to the attraction, engagement and retention of great talent to support the business in achieving both its operational requirements and strategic goals. As part of the transformation the implementation of a new e-recruitment solution that could help them deliver a global resourcing strategy to support future growth.

Previously, reporting was impossible through the existing ATS. The team could not get a true or accurate reflection of the number of applications, the status of applications, where any blockages were in progressing applications or able to clearly see the ROI on direct sourcing channels. This has been revolutionised with the implementation of Eploy’s recruitment platform.

Leesa Mortemore commented, “Using real-time metrics in visual dashboards on sourcing channels and recruiter activity logs has led to stronger business decisions being made, increased credibility across the business and visibility around the ROI on our channels. The visibility of the number of candidates our recruiters are managing through a recruitment workflow has delivered a compelling picture and given me a real insight into how robust our process is.

“Online interview booking has been a huge win with both candidates and hiring managers with the flexibility it provides. Candidates can confirm their own slots and Managers can see an at-a-glance overview of schedules and availability. It’s a seamless process that moves candidates through the workflow with ease and reduces admin.

“Other key achievements in how we are utilising our new online recruitment solution is through the dedicated candidate portal that allows candidates to register and apply for jobs with their social profiles. For candidates this is quick, easy and lets candidates apply for more than one position if they wish. The candidate journey has significantly improved, and the team can see at any point at which stage candidates are at throughout the onboarding workflow. The process is less clunky and quicker for both our external candidates as well as our internal colleagues. 

Eploy connects with Indeed so jobs can be automatically posted on the job site. Candidates can apply directly on Indeed and their data is automatically visible in Eploy. Candidates which come from Indeed can be tracked and trends viewed over time. It’s mobile optimised and opens up the options to the hiring community to access the system without being tied to a desk.

Nisbets have delivered a UK and Ireland resourcing model that demonstrates immediate benefits that can be replicated through a global resourcing model. The candidate, hiring manager and recruitment team are experiencing the advantages of the extended Eploy functionality and the flexible application that has been configured for their exact way of working.


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