17 June, 2019

NHS Professionals is the leading provider of a flexible workforce to the NHS. Unlike privately owned staffing agencies, NHS Professionals is a managed service provider, wholly owned by the Department for Health and Social Care, so all profits are reinvested in growth to save money for the NHS.

NHS Professionals employs bank staff so that the trust doesn’t have to. This means they take responsibility for all back-office administration. Behind the scenes, specialist teams manage recruitment, HR, payroll, flexible worker benefits, education, complaints and performance management and provide clients with complete oversight on spend and shift fill. 

Eploy’s complete e-recruitment platform was selected, as part of a revised recruitment strategy, to recruit for longer term roles across the core business functions. Having reviewed the recruitment solutions on the market, Eploy was selected as the best fit for purpose for its comprehensive functionality and user experience. 

Driving efficiencies

With a dedicated candidate portal now in place, aligned to the core brand, candidates have a much smoother and engaging experience. Candidates can search for vacancies by position, location and function, such as Client Relations, Clinical Governance, HR and IT, to quickly refine and pinpoint relevant vacancies. Candidates can also register for job alerts of their chosen criteria which will help to recruit proactively through talent pools. 

Through Eploy, the recruitment team and hiring managers have recruitment workflows specific to each role and permissions, all configured to NHS Professionals way of working. Hiring managers can view candidates at the appropriate workflow stages, then provide their feedback, assessment and outcomes. Eploy’s recruitment pipelines show ‘Candidate Cards’ – a summary view of candidates at each stage with a drag and drop functionality to move candidates to the next stage. 

Every activity, call log and correspondence can now be tracked and stored against the relevant candidates, contacts, companies and vacancies - making it easy to see everything that has happened.

Moving on from spreadsheets

The move to Eploy from managing with spreadsheets is providing core KPI data as well as improving the candidate experience and stakeholder experience. Eploy is being used to manage and track internal and external vacancies, time to hire and time at stage in an automated way which is already providing efficiencies. Building the talent pool is fully automated within Eploy and any candidate that registers or applies can be added to NHS Professionals talent pool, determined by set criteria that candidates can define from their profile, as well as from Eploy auto 'parsing' the CV and profiling records with skills. 

Marion Gilheany, Corporate Human Resources, NHS Professionals commented “Eploy is very intuitive and is providing us with a complete recruitment solution. It has improved the candidate experience and enables us to progress candidates through the approval workflow, automating communications with a complete audit trail of activity. It will provide complete transparency of our recruitment process, our hiring activity and results.” 

NHS Professionals will also be using Eploy’s Onboarding portal to automate offers and onboarding with a two-stage onboarding process. The online onboarding will automate reference collection, offer management and new hire information in a compliant way. Successful candidates who receive a conditional offer and successfully complete pre-employment checks will then continue through second stage onboarding. 

You can learn more about NHS Professional careers here https://careers.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/

About NHS Professionals 

NHS Professionals is the market leader in managed flexible worker services. We work in partnership with over 55 NHS trusts to help them to reduce their reliance on agencies by providing a service that combines an intimate understanding of the trusts’ temporary workforce requirements with the reassurance of a safe, quality and reliable supply of cost-effective temporary staff.

And because NHSP is wholly owned by the Department of Health and Social Care, all our profits are reinvested back into the NHS.

Our business was founded on nursing and midwifery, but now we specialise in much more. Right now, we have over 126,000 members registered on our bank from various roles, grades and specialities. Our bank members fill around 26 million hours for our clients each year, working flexibly around their lifestyles by choosing the hours that suit them.


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