07 August, 2023

Nexxus Care is a unique company, wholly owned by Staffordshire County Council, that aims to deliver the highest quality of care across Staffordshire.

Nexxus Care has a clear vision to provide quality, cost-effective and innovative care through a highly motivated and professional team enabling citizens to enjoy healthier, more fulfilled lives. They provide this across:
  • domiciliary care
  • reablement care
  • extra care
  • residential care and
  • learning disability respite care.

Recruitment in the Health & Social Care sector can be highly challenging; candidates are scarce while vacancies are rising. The proper recruitment infrastructure is critical to addressing the sector's sourcing challenges.

One of Nexxus Care's values is being 'open to doing things differently and making the best use of new technologies'. This prompted the Recruitment Team to look at improving its recruitment journey to help provide the perfect care.

The Recruitment Team called upon Eploy's complete Applicant Tracking and Talent Acquisition platform to take control of its hiring processes, work collaboratively and make great hires for its regulated positions. The team also wanted to demonstrate to candidates the rewarding aspect of working in a care role through its careers site and open vacancies.

Specific objectives were to:

  • Attract and engage more candidates.
  • Optimise recruitment processes and deliver a complete recruitment journey without the need for manual administration.
  • Ensure compliance with automation and eliminate Excel spreadsheets.

With Eploy, Nexxus Care's central recruitment team configured flexible workflows for candidates to apply and for the Nexxus team to pre-sift and complete pre-screening forms following telephone interviews. Then, if successful, follow on to a face-to-face interview. For more senior roles, Eploy's flexibility enables additional stages, such as a second interview, before successful candidates are placed and onboarded.

Using the Eploy Candidate Portal makes it easy for candidates to find, apply and start their careers at Nexxus Care. The straightforward online application process integrates seamlessly into the careers site, and with just a few clicks, candidates can register securely and with a consistent journey.

Since go-live, Eploy and Nexxus Care have worked together to continually improve the design and use of Eploy for Nexxus Care's changing needs. Additional pages have been added to the candidate portal to give candidates a deeper understanding and appeal of working in the care sector.

Following business changes and the introduction of new branches to the Nexxus care portfolio, Eploy's core ATS System easily adapted to enhance further vacancy management, recruitment workflows, offers, and onboarding to adapt to higher recruitment volumes in additional locations.

Next for Nexxus Care is to look at how the Eploy Hiring Manger Portal can support bringing the new branches working outside of the Eploy system into the fold to manage recruitment collectively on their branch roles.

This will enable Branch Managers to raise requisitions through the Eploy Hiring Manager Portal for approval from the Recruitment Manager. Branch Managers would then have autonomy for tracking and managing all candidates from post-shortlisting to the interview stages. This collaborative way of working would allow the central recruitment team to action all offers and onboarding, easily handled through Eploy's Applicant Tracking System.

Commenting on the changes, Stacey Shorthouse, Recruitment Manager at Nexxus Care said, “Nexxus Care were a very traditional, old-school paper-based company when I joined in July 2019. After reviewing our process and systems in 2020 we decided to implement an ATS, this is where our journey with Eploy started. After several discussions and implementation calls, we started the build of what was to be our ATS. Throughout the process we were looked after by our account manager, Implementation lead and the Training and Success teams. Eploy were keen to learn about our business and work with us to ensure it was fit for purpose.

As Nexxus Care grew and health care contracts we offer also increased, we needed to review our ATS use and how we wanted the system to work for us. Throughout all of this we were in touch with a wide range of the Eploy team. This included a site visit from three of the team that I found to be an extremely beneficial experience as we were observed using the system and advised of small tweaks to make for easier use of Eploy.

There was a requirement to include new stakeholders into the existing recruitment processes and align all Hiring Managers to work similarly. The flexibility of Eploy allows us to reorganise how we work so that new branches can align with our recruitment practices across the company, eliminating paper-based recruitment and storing of candidate data in multiple places. The onboarding module has streamlined the process; all data and documentation is stored in Eploy, and we can confidently manage and report onboarding compliance.

Throughout our new system rebuild we were advised and supported, no matter what crazy and whacky ideas we had they were listened to and together we came up with solutions. The one thing I like most about Eploy is that there are new versions released regularly and as working practices change and evolve then so does Eploy.

We are currently entering a new project with Eploy and I cannot wait to work alongside Daisy and the Support Team once again.

I would recommend Eploy to any business who has recruitment needs and are looking for an ATS system that is customisable and reliable and where you feel appreciated as a customer.”

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