18 November, 2021

Nest is a Public Corporation built on a social purpose with the vision to help millions enjoy a better retirement. Their people and development strategy aims to ensure that Nest has the organisational capability, leadership and culture, skills and agile operating models it needs to compete and succeed in the future.

Nest aspires to be a high performing organisation, so they need to attract and hire the very best people. They believe in hiring on talent alone and are committed to ensuring the recruitment and selection process is bias and barrier-free. Everyone who applies to work at Nest should have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities on a level playing field.

The recruitment team has always worked collaboratively with the hiring manager community and had the ambition to be more data-driven and improve the end-to-end experience for every user.

The Nest team went to the market to find and implement a best-in-class, highly configurable Applicant Tracking System to streamline and modernise their approach to recruitment. In addition, Nest wanted a reputable vendor offering a cloud-based platform that could provide accredited data protection. As a result, Nest selected Eploy to deliver an intuitive and easy system for all users, connect to third-party systems and services, such as testing and assessment and background checking, and export data to their central HRIS system.

The Eploy Implementation team worked alongside Nest to ensure to deliver a consistent candidate experience for all. In addition, Nest had explored all of the limitations with their existing system to design their customised recruitment workflows with Eploy that would ensure hiring the best talent.

Nest’s approach to unbiased recruitment takes advantage of Eploy’s ‘name blind’ functionality in the Hiring Manager Portal. Hiring managers can view candidates at the appropriate workflow stages with the candidates personal and sensitive information removed and then provide their feedback, assessment and outcomes.

With Eploy’s award-winning dashboard technology and ability to fully restrict what information each user can access, Nest can now track the progress of their ED &I programme throughout each stage of the recruitment process.

Eploy’s Candidate Portal is fully integrated into the core Eploy system to allow candidates to search and apply for roles. In addition, the candidate portal maintains consistent Nest employer branding through the candidate application process, seamlessly integrated into the careers site to make the process of finding and applying for jobs intuitive and straightforward.

Nest uses Eploy’s Single Sign-On capabilities, using Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On as their Identity Provider, making it easy and secure for hiring managers and the recruitment team to access the system.

“Tom Curphey, Resourcing Lead at Nest, commented, “We have made rapid progress moving from what was a software database to a complete Applicant Tracking System. The Eploy implementation process has meant that we built a customised platform not only fit for purpose now, but that will allow us to continue to be entrepreneurial and to achieve more”.

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