04 January, 2010

“The latest version of eploy® recruitment software has been fully tested and the feedback we received during the beta testing phase has been amazing!”

Paul Burgess, Managing Director, Eploy

The eploy® development team have spent the last 11 years developing the foundation for what promises to be the most advanced yet user friendly recruitment system currently available. Their decision 11 years ago to develop eploy from the ground up as a completely browser based system has now given them many significant advantages over the competition, which is certainly prevalent in this latest version.

"As a company, we often come across supposed 'web based' systems but it is usually the case that they can't be accessed from any computer just by typing the address into the URL of a web browser and instead, they require the installation of software or a specialist iPhone application. In our opinion, this is not reflecting the nature of true browser based systems as there are obvious boundaries and disadvantages to such a setup. For instance, installing any type of software onto a remote computer will often cause compatibility & support problems and that's if you even have permission to install it in the first place... Something you certainly can't do in a motorway service station or Internet cafe!" added Paul.

Eploy was the first recruitment software to be built right from the start as a true browser based system, which was no mean feat & certainly a significant undertaking for any professional software company. However, by continuing to innovate and update their software using the latest Microsoft technologies, eploy is now in a position to take full advantage of the many web technologies that their R&D team have been evaluating over the last 2 years and waiting to mature.

One example of which is the new customisable interfaces that feature in this version, making use of drag & drop web technology to put the user in complete control of all interfaces in their system for the first time! Eploy users can select exactly what information they wish to display on their dashboard, menu pages, detailed view pages and summary screens... even bespoke fields that have been added just for them.

Furthermore, they now have a wealth of innovative web based features such as a history of records viewed, favourites, quick search & view facilities that open up in drag and drop windows and the ability to link and harness the latest recruitment technologies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Online CV Searches and many more... Many new interactive business intelligence reports have also been developed which also allow users to drag and drop search criteria to group and filter reports dynamically, they can even export report data straight to CSV or excel for further analysis.

"As Internet users have become much more familiar with dynamic, customisable websites such as the BBC website & iGoogle, we felt it was the right time to release a version that incorporates all the advanced recruitment tools we have developed over the last 11 years into an instantly recognisable and easy to use interface, improving ease of use and slashing training costs. We are very proud of these latest innovations and invite you to take a look with a free online demonstration and trial version... You certainly won't be disappointed," concluded Paul.

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