25 September, 2011

Leading North Wales based recruiter Supertemps is maintaining an extremely positive approach to 2011 with the launch of a new Eploy® powered website and online recruitment system.

As part of a two-year long strategic revamp, the Company invested a substantial amount of resource throughout 2010 reviewing the recruitment technologies available, and then by working with Eploy®, the chosen software provider, to build a customised web-based system. The brief was that it needed to add value to clients and candidates whilst working 24/7 to promote the Supertemps brand.

"The result is fantastic," said Sarah Ellwood, Supertemps Managing Director. "We now have a recruitment portal that works for us night and day. Our consultants have fast, reliable and secure access to a centralised repository of CV's from any location, which allows the business to find, engage and recruit the right calibre of staff as efficiently and quickly as possible."

"Candidates can also access their individual accounts where they store a complete history of applications, timesheets, scheduled interviews and the likes, and gain valuable guidance and information from the Resource Centre. We are currently rolling out similar functionality to clients giving them greater flexibility, access to essential resources and more transparency in the recruitment process."

The Eploy® powered portal links directly to Company's web-based client and candidate management system, combining the benefits of internet recruitment with industry strength security. The software also links seamlessly to Supertemps payroll system, Enterprise, which has removed all the manual administration work traditionally involved in managing temps and contract workers.

Chris Bogh, Eploy®'s Technical Director said: "The proven flexibility of Eploy's software has enabled Supertemps to offer new and exciting services to their clients and candidates. This centralised approach also means that consultants can access the system 24/7 remotely, on-site or in additional locations."

Chris adds: "When choosing software, recruitment agencies have always traditionally analysed ROI on the savings that could be made in terms of cost and time. It was all about automation and streamlining day to day recruitment tasks. Of course this is still important and Eploy® continues to develop new features to add to this.

Today, however, forward thinking agencies like Supertemps are looking for software that can work harder for them and add value to their clients and candidates, plus help them to create additional revenue streams."

Sarah commented; "We're very excited about the opportunities our investment in Eploy is already presenting."

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