03 September, 2008

Recruitment can sometimes become a protracted process. Gathering information, organising people and arranging suitable dates for interviews all takes time and organisation. On top of this, recruiters need to gain access to accurate, confidential information quickly to allow decisions to be made. Leading recruitment software company, eploy®, has addressed these challenges by building mobility into its core product to facilitate anywhere, anytime access to recruitment information and processes through its unique Internet-based solution.

Technology plays a fundamental role in facilitating the growing trends towards remote working, hot desking and virtual offices. The evolution of laptops, PDAs and smart phones such as Blackberrys and iPhones has also created a 'must have it now' business culture, so for many recruiters who may often be out of the office on client visits, or working remotely from home or at other office locations, having remote access to information has become a fundamental part of everyday life.

Similarly, recruitment has a much broader remit with globalisation and mobility creating a larger pool of potential candidates. Technology will continue to play an integral part in capturing this evolving mobile marketplace.[Mobile Recruitment - iPhone]Paul Burgess, Managing Director, eploy® said: "The way people work and communicate is diversifying and converging, and the recruitment function needs to take advantage of this. Young, talented people are growing up in a technological era where the Internet is taken for granted. They are IT savvy, have high expectations and are in demand. To secure the best people, recruiters need to act quickly and professionally and this demands the coordination of people and information wherever they happen to be. Mobility is central to this evolution."

Mobility has been addressed by eploy® through the continual development of its Internet based service which allows authorised users to securely access telephone numbers, email addresses and candidates' CV information from its recruitment software whenever they want and wherever they happen to be, further promoting mobility and the coordination of activities. Consultants can continue working on shortlists and managers can check management information on key accounts via their mobile phone even when they are out of the office.

Paul added: "The hunt for new candidates to maintain a pool of talent is becoming increasingly important to retained HR departments and recruitment consultants for their competitiveness and future success. Fuelled by changing work practices, global business reach and greater mobility, the need to unify communications is becoming essential. eploy®'s recruitment software provides the robust service and glue that brings people and recruitment process together under a single mechanism."

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