28 March, 2010

eploy® is proud to announce that its market leading e-recruitment software solution will be powering the TOTAL graduate development career portal for a 4th consecutive year in 2010.[TOTAL Logo]TOTAL first started using eploy® for their graduate recruitment portal in 2007 having looked at similar systems the company had implemented for National Grid and Eon. "They had a very short lead time and needed the entire system to be developed and tested within a matter of weeks," explains Paul Burgess, Managing Director of eploy®. "We were confident that this could be achieved because of eploy®'s unique design and in-house web design team was able to match TOTAL's corporate branding perfectly so their existing website design partners could link straight to eploy® to enter the new career portal."

To enhance the graduate's experience and to save consultant's time, we included minimum entry criteria for individual graduate schemes to ensure unsuitable candidates were automatically rejected and notified of the reasons during the registration process. The final phase was to implement several management and activity reports to provide instant visibility of the process to the recruitment consultants managing the scheme."

The TOTAL graduate career portal has now been running successfully over the past 4 years with thousands of candidates processed efficiently. The automatic rejection of un-suitable candidates has saved many man-hours in administration and eploy®'s central tracking system has enabled a much higher level of transparency between the individual recruitment consultants and management teams.

Paul concludes; "Each year, TOTAL's graduate portal continues to evolve in line with eploy®'s latest web-based tools. Previous year's candidates are archived into a separate system to avoid any confusion and a completely fresh recruitment system is set up which we integrate with all of TOTAL's additional reports and settings. Due to eploy®'s unique 'plug-in' design, this can easily be achieved at a minimum cost each year."

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