09 April, 2012

Cumbria-based GEN 2 is the largest training provider to the nuclear industry and has been delivering apprenticeship training for over a decade. The company currently trains 600 apprentices; however the programmes have become increasingly popular and for the number of opportunities on offer there are a much higher number of applicants.

To manage this demand, GEN 2 completely changed its recruitment application process for the 2011 cohort and in conjunction with Eploy created a new Online Recruitment Portal. The Portal became the only way for an applicant to apply for an apprenticeship.

Chris Bogh, Technical Director of Eploy says; "Unlike more traditional recruitment practices, the selection of individuals for apprenticeships is a little different and no less challenging. For GEN 2, they needed to process a high number of applicants within a short timeframe in an efficient and fair manner.

The inherent time saving features and enhanced system capabilities of Eploy's solution allowed the management of the year's selection process, which generated over 1000 applications in January alone, to be carried out efficiently in a collaborative, transparent manner."

Eploy also customised elements of the web-based system to enable GEN 2 to overcome the challenges of coordinating online and offline activities when arranging appointments, open days and assessment centre openings. Chris said: "We added an interactive tool for setting up appointment slots at local assessment centres, open days and for interviews, which the candidate can confirm online." The company also used a location finder to offer access to available schemes.

A multitude of reporting features to monitor equal opportunities policies such as ethnic diversity, or to evaluate the success of advertising channels were also provided as standard.

Heidi Clements, GEN 2 said; "Finding the best candidates for apprenticeship schemes is a very important aspect of our business so managing the capture and flow of information to allow effective decision making is vital. So far we found that Eploy's solution offers GEN 2 the versatility we need to build accurate candidate profiles from multiple data sources and they have delivered this on a feature-rich, easy to use system. Eploy was up and running quickly with excellent customer support from day one."

Eploy's single applicant tracking and recruitment software enables recruiters to have one core feature-rich system that can be used to manage all recruitment workflow channels - from standard and executive recruitment, high volume graduate, apprenticeship and seasonal recruitment campaigns - to managing all the complexities involved with hiring temps, i.e. payroll, accounts, timesheet management, recruitment and HR.

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