30 September, 2015

Kidderminster (UK). Eploy, a leader in enterprise cloud-based recruitment software for both the agency and in-house markets, today announced the launch of a revolutionary toolset for recruitment agencies to help accelerate their new business development & candidate marketing pipelines.

Opportunity Management, which is fully integrated into Eploy Recruitment CRM, helps agencies guide their sales teams to success through the use of drag and drop visual sales pipelines. Customers can create multiple pipelines that track every sales opportunity through any number of stages. Sales teams can instantly see where each opportunity currently resides within the sales process, for example each candidate being marketed, or each new client being targeted.

Eploy calculates the weighted value of each opportunity – based on the likelihood of closing each deal relevant to how far it has progressed through the process pipeline. Further, the new ‘Timeline’ view provides agency owners with cash flow forecasts based on the new business pipeline, to help with future resource planning.

In addition, Eploy Opportunity Management has been fully integrated with Eploy Dashboards, meaning agency owners get real-time analytics of sales activities and performance across all of their opportunity pipelines.

For more details please see http://eploy.co.uk/opps

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