08 July, 2008

Web based recruitment systems often fall short when it comes to integrating with Microsoft Outlook or other email programs to ensure that important emails are tracking and logged against customer records. Eploy® however, has overcome this shortfall with an innovative email monitoring service.

Emails sent via their online recruitment system have always been logged against candidates & contacts but now replies to those emails will also be stored against customer records. This improves on the way that consultants communicate with candidates as traditionally, emails sent via their personal computer would not be stored centrally against particular contacts so other consultants would not be aware of recent correspondence.

Furthermore, previously sent or received emails from any email system can automatically be logged against records within the eploy® system simply be forwarding them to a special email account. Intelligent searching ensures that the emails are logged against the appropriate records for the particular user that originally sent or received the email.

Centralising email correspondence in this way and keeping communications as transparent as possible means other staff working on a requirement can benefit from knowing about all communications. It also means that all email communications are stored and backed up in the corporate recruitment system giving additional business security as consultants move jobs.

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