29 January, 2016

Sometimes baking can go horribly wrong. Like when your 5 year old decides to make cupcakes and can’t quite get all the egg shells out. Or when you forget about the jacket potato in the oven. Other times, the blissful union of quality ingredients can create culinary heaven. Chocolate cake; lemon meringue pie; blueberry muffins- the list could go on.

Here at Eploy, we like baking. We’ve taken the most powerful free web analytics platform in the world and baked it into our award winning careers sites. Now, all Eploy careers sites come with Google Analytics baked in, which will enable our customers to start optimising their candidate journeys right from the word go.

Gain a competitive advantage

Eploy careers sites are fully integrated with our flagship product: the Eploy Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM. This seamless integration can help your team to work faster and smarter- reducing administration and increasing time spent on tasks that really matter.

By integrating Google Analytics into your careers site, you can start drilling into the effectiveness of your candidate attraction strategy right from the word go. We even include event tracking, so you can view the most searched for keywords on your site, the job locations candidates are searching for and even how many candidates register on your careers site.

Stellar candidate experience

Providing a stellar candidate experience is the pinnacle of a modern e-recruitment strategy, and a mobile responsive site is a key checkpoint on that path. By using an Eploy careers site with Google Analytics baked in, you can instantly assess the effectiveness of your mobile recruiting strategy by looking at bounce rates and exit pages on mobile.

In fact, creating a user journey that facilitates applications can be one of the most difficult elements to creating a candidate-centric careers site. Google Analytics can help you to optimise the candidate journey on multiple devices.

Here’s what is included:

  • Everything you normally get with Google Analytics- All the power of the most popular free analytics platform in the world.
  • Keyword search tracking- Find out what the most searched for phrase is on your careers site. Use this data to check what are the “trending” phrases are on your site.
  • Location keyword tracking- find out where candidates are searching for jobs relative to their actual location. This can give you an indication on what percentage of candidates are willing to relocate and what the most popular job is in any given region.
  • Registration and Applicant form tracking- understand how many candidates are registering on your careers side, compared to how many actually apply for an open position. Track which positions are drawing the most interest and, see how many jobs registered candidate apply for.

Analytics data will help you to improve your candidate experience, which is something we feel passionate about. Candidates are the life-blood of our industry and we think they should be given the best possible experience online. That’s why we’re including our Google Analytics package at no extra cost when designing your new careers site.

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