23 October, 2015

Kidderminster (UK), Eploy, one of the UK’s leading providers of recruitment software, have released statistics which suggest that their customers are bucking recruitment market trends.

Generally speaking, the recruitment industry is either driven by a scarcity of vacancies or a scarcity of candidates. Most industry analysts concur that the UK recruitment industry is currently in a candidate driven phase. This means that even though employers and agencies are advertising vacancies, filling them with quality hires is the primary barrier for employers.

Yet some employers are seeing a very different story. Eploy have reveal that in the first three quarters of 2015, their customers collectively received 85% more applications than they received in the same 2014 period.

This surge was fuelled by a bumper first quarter which saw January, February, and March receive 134%, 175%, and 159% more applications than in the same period of the previous year.

Recruitment software provider Eploy are well placed to comment on UK recruitment trends. One of the pioneers of cloud based recruitment software, Eploy were founded in 1998 and have been cloud based from day one. Today Eploy provide recruitment software solutions for ambitious recruitment agencies and leading large brands in over 40 countries and in 10 languages.

Commenting on the figures, Eploy’s Chief Technology Officer Chris Bogh said, “We’re delighted by the level of applications that our customers are receiving.”

“Candidate experience is absolutely crucial to building a successful ERecruitment strategy. By using innovations like our custom built careers sites, we place the candidate at the centre of the recruitment process. The results of our methodology speak for themselves. Our customers are consistently receiving more applications, improving their chance of filling their vacancies with quality hires.”

“For the recruitment teams, the additional volume is manageable by using our scalable core recruitment software. It’s very satisfying for us to see our customers experiencing such a large increase in applications.”

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