05 January, 2010

The University of Derby Student Employment Agency (SEA), which assists with finding students opportunities for temporary and part time paid jobs whilst studying and during their vacation periods, has enhanced its Eploy recruitment software platform to support its growing student placement process.

"The Eploy software has provided SEA with a wide selection of user-friendly tools that we now rely on to deliver our student employment service. Following the recent enrichment of the system we can now undertake a range of additional functions that will benefit the efficiency of the operation. These include the automatic extraction of information from student CV's to online registration forms and the ability to work live on vacancies," said Ailsa Costello, from the University of Derby's Student Employment Agency.

Since its adoption by the Student Employment Agency 5 years ago, eploy® has delivered a range of operational and technical improvements that have helped the University to develop stronger relationships with business clients and achieve greater flexibility in day-to- day management of the recruitment process. The web-based solution has addressed the dispersed nature of the University's sites and the need for staff to work and liaise with others from any remote location.

"System access and mobility were significantly improved by introducing a web-based solution. We can now update information, CVs and the diary function using a range of practical and easy to use tools, from the PC or mobile telephone. Our work is taking us out of the office more and more so mobility has been a key benefit of the eploy® system to us," added Alisa.
The new 2009 enhanced application software will help SEA to monitor its performance against increasingly demanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by providing reporting information on metrics such as the number of students registered, their faculty, the number of students employed and percentage from each faculty and the number of vacancies and employers.

Paul Burgess, Managing Director, Eploy said: "Universities are large communities that need powerful solutions to address the employment needs of their students and clients but often do not operate like a high street recruitment company. To ensure an appropriate and positive user experience we have tailored the Eploy solution for the University and continue to support their needs through regular product enhancements."

In addition to the University of Derby, eploy® is also the chosen recruitment software for many other Universities, including the University of Wolverhampton and University of the Arts London.

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