10 November, 2008

eploy® has won a prestigious new contract with the world famous bookseller, Foyles of Charing Cross, to provide its market leading web-based recruitment system and applicant tracking software. This technological investment will allow Foyles to streamline and manage its in-house recruitment function more efficiently and cost effectively.

As an expanding business with ambitious expansion plans, Foyles, earlier this year, made the decision to adopt a recruitment software solution, to address the issue of managing the hundreds of CV's it receives unsolicited each month, via its stores in paper format and through its Website. "Searching through these CV's to find suitable candidates could take 3-5 man days a month," said Roger Parks, Foyles' Human Resources Manager. "We needed a new IT recruitment solution that would speed up this process and make our administration more efficient, and that would also provide a way for us to easily mass mail candidates who had already registered, when new vacancies arose."

Foyles reviewed six different on-line recruitment solutions, before finally deciding on eploy®. "As a small company we have limited IT resource and we did not want to take valuable time away from new branch openings and other developments within the business. We were therefore only interested in web-based solutions, as this would greatly simplify the set-up and ongoing management of the system".

"We selected eploy® because we found the layout of the screens and the functionality the easiest to use. It is also a well-established system, whereas the others were either showing their age or were still in a development phase. The final reason was that eploy®'s system came at an attractive price; it wasn't the cheapest, but because it is offered as a service and charged monthly so there was no large initial outlay" confirmed Roger.

The result is that Foyles now has a hosted on-line system that provides a centralised store for all CV's, contact history and interview notes to support the business with identifying the right calibre people with the appropriate skill sets required. Seamless integration with Foyles' Website has also simplified the administration process and made searching CV's more efficient.

"The eploy® system has only recently gone live and we're still learning how to refine our search criteria, but already we are processing CVs much more efficiently and can easily produce shortlists of candidates for store managers. So far we have restricted use to the HR department, but because of the mobility of using an online system we plan to open it up to our managers in 2009," concluded Roger.

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