01 July, 2024

Colosseum Dental is one of the largest providers of dentistry in the UK with more than 80 local clinics and over 750,000 NHS and private patients. It is a part of Colosseum Dental Group – the leading pan-European dentistry group. Colosseum Dental is the only dental group in the UK to be officially certified a ‘Great Place to Work in 2024’.

Colosseum Dental’s recruitment practices are a fundamental element of its success as a leading dental care provider, supporting acquisition of skilled and dedicated staff.

Since the original implementation of Eploy in 2020, there have been changes in both process and stakeholders that required Eploy’s Talent Acquisition Platform to be reconfigured to align with current recruitment processes, and to maximise the use of available features.

Lee Catlin, Head of Recruitment & Retention at Colosseum Dental commented, “When I joined Colosseum Dental, I spent time understanding and profiling the company brand and how this aligned with how we were attracting and retaining candidates. It was clear we weren’t maximising our use of Eploy’s end-to-end recruitment and onboarding platform and worked with the Eploy Team to understand the full capabilities. We committed as a team to rebuild Eploy and develop the right solution for our business vision and talent acquisition requirements”.

Colosseum Dental have complex recruitment requirements including:

  • Differing employment conditions (Employed/Self-Employed/Varied Contracts).
  • Multiple workflows for each role (Dental Nurses, Dentists, Therapists, Hygienists, Practice Managers and Support Teams).
  • Complicated onboarding processes with multiple steps and information collection.

The Eploy Team worked with the Colosseum Dental Recruitment Team to reconfigure the system to address the complex requirements and improve the candidate and hiring manager experience. The project was a collaborative approach with HR partners, cross function interaction and the HR System provider to position Colosseum Dental as an industry market leader with its recruitment practices.

Manual interactions that once impacted the process have been removed, spreadsheets are no longer in place and time is saved across the recruitment and onboarding process. The Recruitment Team are now better placed to use Eploy’s full capability, accelerating recruitment and encouraging more candidates to the team.

Lee Catlin, Head of Recruitment & Retention at Colosseum Dental added, “We have digitised the end-to-end recruitment process and now have a fit for purpose recruitment and onboarding platform to continually improve how we recruit and retain talent. Our end-to-end process is much slicker, with a candidate portal that allows candidates to respond when it is convenient to them. Reference collection is all automated which saves us time as a team, but also ensures we have all the necessary documents and compliance checks in place ahead of start dates. The Eploy Team have been supportive throughout to deliver within stringent timescales, at the time of us implementing a new HR system”.

Eploy’s RESTful API is used for a series of data exports from Eploy to export new starter data to the HR System in place at Colosseum Dental.

Colosseum Dental use Eploy’s Single Sign-On capabilities, using Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On as their Identity Provider, making it easy and secure for Hiring Managers and the Recruitment Team to access the system.

The Recruitment Team is continually enhancing how they use Eploy and are planning to utilise the Talent Pool functionality in Eploy to build and segment talent and nurture talent pools with relevant campaigns.

You can find out more about Colosseum Dental and the careers they have on offer, exceptional career development opportunities and all the other specialisms that make them stand out in the sector: https://www.colosseumdental.co.uk/careers

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