07 May, 2024

Clifton High School - Actively Encouraging Diversity in Recruitment

Clifton High School is an academically selective, co-educational, independent day school for over 780 pupils aged 3-18 years. Situated on a beautiful Bristol site, Clifton High School operates the Diamond Edge Model of education underpinned by a strong pastoral and family ethos.

Clifton High School is a vibrant school, business and employer, where forward thinking individuals work collaboratively to achieve both personally and professionally, all to the benefit of its pupils.

Eploy’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment CRM was implemented to replace a manual recruitment process, improve efficiencies and the recruitment experience for all stakeholders. Handling recruitment manually was demanding on the central recruitment resource and wasn’t conducive to a seamless candidate experience and the progressive nature of Clifton High School.

Clifton High School chose Eploy’s ATS to deliver several key objectives:

  1. Ease the demand on resources within central recruitment and free up capacity.
  2. To increase application volume and to reduce drop-out by improving the candidate experience.
  3. Improve data analysis to identify trends and track performance against targets e.g. candidate source tracking, cost of hire.
  4. To capture and report on ED&I data and to improve aspects of diverse recruitment, including the introduction of name-blind recruitment.

Nicholas Barnard, Head of Recruitment at Clifton High School commented on the positive outlook following the changes to its recruitment strategy, “Putting candidate experience at the heart of talent acquisition and recruitment reflects the school’s ethos and values and we can confidently say we have achieved that. The branded candidate portal allows applicants to apply for vacancies, on any device without adversely affecting the user’s experience and functionality.”

“Using Eploy’s name-blind recruitment functionality rules out any discrimination based on name, ethnicity or gender and the extensive reporting capability allows easy reporting on progress to continually improve our recruitment effectiveness.”

“We are in the early stages of embedding the new way of working into the business and can see how this is beginning to transform how we operate.”

You can find out more about Clifton High School careers here: https://careers.cliftonhigh.co.uk/vacancies/

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