27 May, 2020

For your candidates, the goal is to provide a seamless process from the time that they engage with your business, right the way through to their interview process and then to onboarding. For recruiters, it is providing the best tools to find and assess top talent quicker, improving time to hire and cost to hire.

Arbuthnot Latham is a forward-thinking company built on over 180 years of history providing private and commercial banking, wealth planning and investment management.

In recruiting diverse and talented individuals with a passion for delivering the very best for their clients, Arbuthnot Latham looked at ways to connect recruitment technologies to provide seamless candidate experiences.

Previously having a more traditional recruitment method of 1st stage interview, competency-based interviews and role-plays, they realised to evolve and hire the best talent continually they required a complete talent acquisition platform – with Eploy the chosen solution. Since the initial implementation, they have continued to push the boundaries with the team's use of Eploy to ensure everyone is getting the maximum return on their recruitment software investment.

The most recent project involved implementing Arbuthnot Latham's Eploy system with Launchpad video interviewing and SHL predictive candidate assessments to deliver an extended online candidate experience while saving time and supporting volume recruitment.

Eploy connects to both Launchpad and SHL via their APIs.  Now, when candidates reach the relevant part of the recruitment workflow, Eploy's workflow automation emails their unique link – enabling the candidate to complete their test (for SHL) or video interview (for Launchpad) – depending on the type of role. Test results are instantly fed back into Eploy against the candidate's workflow action and, in the case of Launchpad, the recruitment team to review the video from within Eploy directly.

Integrations such as these provide the opportunity for candidates to express their personality and creativity and for the recruitment team to get a more rounded, dynamic candidate overview - something a CV alone cannot deliver.

William James, Recruitment Manager at Arbuthnot Latham, commented “This connected candidate experience is providing a seamless candidate journey in a unique way to our recruitment workflows. It delivers an innovative approach that supports our forward-thinking culture, embracing new and better ways of doing things.”

Chris Bogh CTO at Eploy commented "With the Eploy RESTful API, you can connect the tools you use every day to our talent acquisition platform and deliver amazing experiences for everyone involved in the recruitment journey. The flexibility of Eploy allows different recruitment workflows to be configured for either a combined Launchpad and SHL process, just SHL or just Launchpad, depending on the type of role and required process flow."

Eploy's RESTful API is available as a series of components, each designed to help you to create integrations with the Eploy recruitment platform. Example solutions include populating your HR and Payroll systems with new starter data captured within Eploy, removing the need to manually re-key new starter data in your back office systems.

Chris Fuller, UK Market Director at SHL, commented - "With shifting the focus to today’s digital world, SHL brings more precision to the recruitment process by helping Arbuthnot Latham objectively identify the best talent faster, across a number of different job roles, to drive workforce performance.  We benchmark candidates against 45 billion data points to objectively measure behaviour and potential needed to succeed in an unpredictable environment. Through the integration of SHL assessments with Eploy, recruiting teams are able to access critical talent data within a single platform.”

Narinder Hammond, Partnerships Director at LaunchPad added “Never before have we seen such demand for integrated solutions from our customers. We’re really pleased to be delivering this integration with our partner, Eploy. By having this flexible approach, Arbuthnot Latham are able to have a more agile and seamless process in place without impacting on their candidate experience.”

You can see the full Eploy Marketplace of partners, integrations, connectors and add ons and examples of how to accelerate and connect your recruitment technology.


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